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Eight Upgrades With DUNU SA6 MKII: Brand New Multi-BA Hi-Res IEMs!!





A: Hey, have you heard about the new DUNU SA6 MK II?

B: No, what's new about it?

A: It's a revamped version of the SA6 series with improved tuning throughout the frequency band. The treble response has been enhanced, the midrange has been adjusted for improved vocal performance, and the lower-end tuning is more engaging than before.

B: That sounds interesting. What else is new?

A: The SA6 MK II comes with a premium Hulk Pro Mini cable with interchangeable plugs, and also features a newly designed solid stabilized wooden face cover with a hint of charming red color. The shape of the ear shells has been optimized for a more comfortable wearing experience, and the SA6 MK II comes with new XL size S&S ear tips for an enhanced sound response. Plus, it comes with a newly designed, exquisitely crafted designer carry case for protection and style.

B: That's quite a few improvements over the OG SA6 model. How much is it?

A: The DUNU SA6 MK II is launched officially for 579$.

B: Sounds like a worthy upgrade. Thanks for letting me know about it!


Following the success of the SA6 and the limited-run SA6 Ultra, DUNU is back with a revamped version for the SA6 series, presenting you all, the brand new DUNU SA6 MKII. Based on the suggestions and reviews on the SA6 Ultra, DUNU has readjusted the tuning with improved response throughout the frequency band. The pair has been completely redesigned from the ground up with newer looks, newer accessories, newer packaging, and a completely newer experience. DUNU SA6 MKII has been crafted to bring an outstanding sound with an ultimate resolution, lovely vocals, and a tight lower-end response. With the SA6 MKII, DUNU has brought us eight new upgrades over the OG SA6 model, upgrades that make a difference and makes the MKII a worthy upgrade. Let’s check out those upgrades!!




DUNU SA6 MKII is launched officially for 579$, more information can be checked over here.


Refined Treble Response

With precise adjustments, the treble response of the SA6 MKII is enhanced and improved over the older generation. The upper treble has been raised for a more natural and airy soundstage and improved details. It’s increased professionally so as not to introduce any kind of peakiness or sharpness.


Adjusted Midrange For Improved Vocal Performance

Along with the Treble, the midrange is also adjusted especially in the upper midrange section. The 3-5kHz dip was adjusted for improving the clarity and resolution of the vocals. This also enhances the instrument separation and improves the detail retrieval with the set.


Deeper, More Engaging Lower-End Tuning

DUNU has reworked the tuning on the SA6 MKII throughout the frequency band. The lower-end response is increased to achieve a more engaging experience while keeping the midrange clean and crisp. The SA6 MKII produces a powerful lower-end response that complements the other frequencies well. The bass on the SA6 MKII is similar to the Ultra’s Bass Switch-On sound, and the Bass mode on the SA6 MKII is even more engaging.




Premium Hulk Pro Mini Cable WIth Interchangeable Plugs

DUNU bundles the new SA6 MKII with the latest DUNU Hulk Pro Mini high-purity copper cable. The cable adopts DUNU’s patented Q-Lock swappable termination plug system. This cable was launched officially with the SA6 Ultra and still retains its place with the SA6 MKII. The package for the SA6 MKII includes 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination plugs, other plugs like Type-C, Lighting, 2.5mm, etc. can be bought separately.


Ultimate New Looks

The OG SA6 and the SA6 Ultra were great-looking sets. They feature Solid-Stabilized wooden face panels. For the new SA6 MKII, DUNU has completely redesigned the look of the pair with exquisite new solid stabilized wooden face covers with a hint of charming red color.


Redesigned Ergonomics For Comfortable Wearing Experience

The shape of the DUNU SA6 MKII ear shells is optimized and redesigned for a more comfortable wearing experience. The pair maintains a stylish look and lightweight design, yet it sits more comfortably into the ears.




New XL Size S&S Ear Tips

DUNU brought a revolution when they introduced newly developed cylindrical shape ear tips which they named S&S ear tips. Made up of silicone, these tips provide excellent comfort and an enhanced sound response as well. With the SA6 MKII You will get a complete set of S&S eartips including an all-new XL size with a 13mm diameter.


New, Protective Designer Carry Case

DUNU bundles a newly designed exquisitely crafted designer carry case with the SA6 MKII. The case has a beautiful finish and looks super premium to hold. It features DUNU’s logo engraved onto the top. The case not only keeps our SA6 MKII safe but also has a style statement of its own!!




DUNU SA6 MKII is an upgrade over the classic SA6. Over the years SA6 has been a default recommendation in the 500-600$ price bracket. The new SA6 MKII takes the performance of the OG SA6 to another level of awesomeness with improved clarity, improved staging, improved fit, and improved looks!! DUNU has introduced the SA6 MK II for 579$, check out more information and details here.


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