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Five Upgrades WIth the DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra

DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra

DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra


Based on the success of the DUNU SA6, DUNU has worked in collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews to develop the all-new SA6 Ultra. The 300 units limited edition SA6 Ultra has got many new updates over the original SA6 such as a New sound signature, New looks with solid-stabilized face covers, New Hulk Pro Mini Stock Cable, New DUNU S&S Silicone Tips, and also the Dekoni Bulletz foam ear tips. DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra is a completely revamped SA6 that is tuned to deliver a true-endgame like performance with exceptional clarity and details.


DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra is limited to only 300 units worldwide. It is priced at 599$, the first 50 orders will get DUNU Type-C Modular plug as a gift. Check out more information here.


New Tuning Suggested by Zeos & His Community Members

Z Reviews is a widely-known and highly respected audio reviewer. He has got years of experience in auditioning and reviewing premium audio gear at different price points. With his expert advice on tuning and suggestions on the OG SA6’s performance, DUNU has adjusted the tuning of the new SA6 Ultra to bring an upgraded sound for its users. The new SA6 Ultra has got better treble extensions and air, producing better details, better clarity, and better overall performance compared to the OG SA6 model.


High-Purity Hulk Pro Mini As The Stock Cable

Hulk Pro has been a flagship IEM upgrade cable for DUNU. They have optimized the wire diameter and weight of the OG Hulk Pro and designed an all-new Hulk Pro Mini for the new SA6 Ultra. The cable is made using the same high-purity Furukawa monocrystalline copper wire cores as the OG Hulk Pro with an adjusted diameter of 26AWG. The cable here has been refined further for reducing the weight, it is not up to 40% lighter than the OG Hulk Pro. SA6 Ultra includes this new Hulk Pro Mini with DUNU’s patented Q-Lock termination plugs as stock.


Easy To Use Tuning Switch

Just like the OG SA6, the new SA6 Ultra also features a tuning switch. It has two tuning options, one is the balanced, stock tuning and the other is enhanced ambience mode with punchier bass response. Usually, the tuning switches are small and narrow, they require pins or other tools to adjust, but DUNU’s SA6 Ultra has a big enough switch that you can easily adjust using your fingers only!!


All-New Looks With The Same Comfortable Design

The latest SA6 Ultra features the same design and shell shape as the OG SA6. They offer a supremely comfortable wearing experience with their lightweight ergonomics. DUNU has upgraded the looks of the shells for the SA6 Ultra treating them with Solid-Stabilised wooden face covers. The Right side has got Red while the left side has got Blue face covers with a unique texture finish on each unit. There will be some pairs available in both Blue and Both Red shells so that users can choose accordingly.


New Stage & Studio Eartips

Launched recently with the DUNU Talos and DUNU Kima, DUNU’s new Stage & Sound silicone ear tips are coming as stock with the SA6 Ultra as well. With their flat tube-like design, they offer a super comfortable fit while enhancing the midrange response and vocals clarity for the connected IEMs. These new Stage & Studio ear tips are being loved by the community well!!


New Dekoni Bulletz Memory Foam Ear Tips

Dekoni Bulletz Memory Foam Eartips are the favorite for Zeos. It’s a slow rebound memory foam ear tip that uses dense memory foam to create a strong seal in your ears and prevent sound leakage. These also come as stock with the SA6 Ultra!!


The new SA6 Ultra is based on the OG SA6, improving over its success with a series of new upgrades. The SA6 Ultra brings an all-new experience for the listeners with its improved details and new cable. The SA6 Ultra is launched for 599$, the first 50 orders will get a DUNU Type-C Modular plug as a gift. These are limited to only 300 Units worldwide, be sure to grab them before they are gone forever!!


DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra

DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra

DUNU x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra