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AFUL Acoustics Performer 5: Brand-New 1DD+4BA Hybrid IEMs With Patented Technologies

AFUL Performer5

AFUL Performer5


AFUL Acoustics is a new name in the international market. Founded back in 2018,  AFUL has aimed to design top-quality performing IEMs at pocket-friendly prices. With the help of a professional R&D Team, they have developed several different patented technologies in order to achieve their aim. Following their years of research and development, AFUL has obtained multiple patents in technological innovation, for example specially developed frequency division technology, full-stage multi-stage correction network compensator, etc. AFUL has created its own brilliance in the HiFi field. Today, they are debuting in the international market with their very first pair of hybrid driver in-ear monitors, the all-new AFUL Performer 5. Performer 5 is a five-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors that features AFUL’s patented EnvisionTec 3D-Printed Acoustic Structure, RLC Frequency Crossover Division Correction Technology, and High-Damping Air-Pressure Balance System technologies to deliver premium sound!!


AFUL Performer 5 is launched officially for 219.99$, you can check out more information here. It’s also available on Aliexpress here, Amazon Japan here, and Amazon international here. You can visit AFUL on their website here.


The all-new Performer 5 is designed with a five-driver hybrid configuration. The pair features a custom-developed dynamic driver with four high-performance customized balanced armature drivers. AFUL has arranged these drivers in a three-way frequency crossover where the DD unit produces an impactful, deep-hitting bass response, two balanced armature drivers produce a rich midrange, and two balanced armatures deliver a well-extended, crisp high-frequency response. With the help of RLC Network frequency crossover correction technology, the multi-driver distortion is effectively lowered in the output signal.


AFUL has used high-precision 3D printing technology with their patented EnvisionTEC 3D Printer to design an accurate acoustic structure. The structure consists of acoustic tubes featuring a 60mm ultra-long and ultra-thin bass tube, a 30mm mid-bass tube, etc. Performer 5 delivers a powerful bass response with excellent phase connection with the other frequencies. Similarly, mid-range and treble performance also benefits from this specially developed 3D printed acoustic cavity structure, resulting in an overall great sound performance. Performer 5 delivers quality sound with high-resolution clarity and crisp details with a powerful lower end.


AFUL Performer 5 looks magnificent. The shells are made up of high-quality skin-friendly resin material. They feature beautiful magma-styled designer face covers with a unique design for each unit. The pair comes with a detachable cable design. It features standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors that allow for easy replacement or upgrade of cable whenever required. AFUL Performer 5 is launched officially for 219.99$, you can check out more details here.


Some User Reviews

Osprey Andy(Head-Fi)

Andy has absolutely enjoyed performer 5, He finds the technologies implemented in the P5 translating into great sonic performances that install WOW elements with the set. He likes the highly organic and natural sound with lovely timbre and tonal balance of the pair. According to Andy, The Performer 5 has a vibrant and mature sound that compels the users to want to listen more and more. Just pasting his words here, “While being musical, P5 remained highly acute with technicalities, details, and crisp imaging in abundance, always. And yes the Bass, damn that Subwoofer sensation is an absolute winner in my book.”


Andy quite liked the AFUL Performer 5, you can read his full review here.


Josef Carlo Pusta(Facebook)

Josef Carlo Pusta liked the performance of Performer 5. In his review, he finds it competing well with the LETSHUOER Kinda Lava which is approx 500-600$ in price. In his words, “Personally though, I’d get Performer 5 if its price would be ~300-400 USD.” He finds the Performer 5 to compete well with IEMs priced around 300-400$ price bracket.


You can check out his complete review on Gizaudio Group on Facebook here.



Timmy absolutely loved the Performer 5, he rates it B+ in his rating list. According to this, Performer 5 gets the rating of Maximum worth its price under 500$. Timmy finds the Performer 5 to have a neutral-ish sound with bass boosted signature. He finds the tuning balance of the pair to be excellent, Treble is the most interesting to him. He says Treble is pretty well-extended and delivered nicely.


AFUL Performer 5 is the only pair in Timmy’s tier list around the 200$ price point to get the B+ rating. You can check out his complete review over here.




AFUL Performer 5

AFUL Performer 5

AFUL Performer5