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SHOZY T1 & T1 Pro: Open-style Single Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone

Shozy has released its latest single dynamic driver IEMs, the Shozy T1, and its higher-end model, the Shozy T1 Pro.

(News) Released "SHOZY Djembe" semi-open single dynamic driver Chi-fi IEMs

SHOZY Djembe, the latest entry-level semi-open single dynamic dynamic IEM from the popular Chinese earphone brand SHOZY, has been released.

【Chi-fi earphones review】Shozy Rouge: A chic space with a tranquil backdrop, with warm and sweet vocals floating in a superb space.

If you love sweet vocal expression, you're sure to love these earbuds. There's an inviting space for sweet vocals to sing languidly over the warm bass support. The packaging is simple, but the build quality of the unit is good and the acce…