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(News) qdc Tiger: 2EST + 6BA Hybrid Flahship IEM

qdc Tiger

qdc Tiger


qdc is releasing a new flagship-class IEM, the qdc Tiger.



The faceplate of the Tiger features the same hollow engraving process as the Blue Dragon, while the rose gold inner layer projects a three-dimensional tiger pattern. The outer shell of the ear shell is a gunmetal titanium alloy, providing a sturdy and stable design.



The core is also powerful, using the same frequency-splitting technology as their flagship IEM, the V14, with six balanced armature drivers and two electrostatic drivers on each side, and a completely new tuning with eight HiFi drivers. The high frequencies are extended to over 70 KHz to bring more detail to the sound field.


A three-in-one interchangeable plug standard cable is also included to meet the needs of both balanced and single-ended connections.


Price & Availability

The qdc Tiger is available for order on HiFiGO for $1699.


qdc Tiger

qdc Tiger

qdc Tiger