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(News) DDHiFi TC28i Pro: Lightning to Dual USB-C Female Jack OTG Power Adapter

DDHiFi TC28i Pro

DDHiFi TC28i Pro


DDHiFi has released the DDHiFi TC28i Pro, an ultra-compact portable hPower Adapter with Lightning plug support.



  • Improve Sound Quality While Charging
  • Dual USB-C Female Jack
  • Side Ports Make It More Secure.
  • Compact and Neat Design
  • User-friendly Gadget



  • Plug type: Lightning OTG plug
  • Size: 20.5x18.4x9.5(mm)
  • Weight: 6.3g
  • USB-C Female Socket1:
    • For connecting audio decoding equipment
    • USB decoder and amplifier
  • USB-C Female Socket2:
    • Charging interface for connecting charger
    • or power bank, support 5V/1A MAX


Improve Sound Quality While Charging

The USB audio decoding device needs to take power from the mobile phone while working. However, as the output current of the iOS device has certain restrictions, the chip can't work in the best state for the most of the time. TC28i Pro adds another USB-C female jack, when the external power supply is connected at the same time, the power supply environment of the circuit gets improved, so does the sound quality.



Dual USB-C Female Jack

USB-C Female Socket1 is for connecting audio decoding equipment, USB decoder and amplifier. And the time same, you can use another USB-C Female Socket as a charging interface for connecting charger or power bank, it support 5V/1A MAX. Let the TC28i Pro rescue the panic of low electricity.



Side Ports Make It More Secure

An adapter is required when connecting the iPhone to the USB-C audio decoding device. Thanks to the design of side ports, the adapter won't become neither too long nor be broken easily after connected, especially under the using environments such as live broadcast or video recording when connected to recorder or power bank.



Compact and Neat Design

TC28i Pro weights only about 6.3g. You can easily put it into your pocket or bag and carry it anywhere. The compact and easy storage design makes it a gadget on the go.



User-friendly Gadget

What’s your expectation for an ideal adapter? It should be at least compact and convenient enough to attract you to use it more often. DDHIFI knows your need and with TC28i Pro you can enjoy this lightweight and compact adapter to improve the sound quality while charging.


Price & Availability

The DDHiFi TC28i Pro is now available at Linsoul and other retailers for $49.99.


DDHiFi TC28i Pro

DDHiFi TC28i Pro

DDHiFi TC28i Pro