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An audio review & news blog. The volume should not exceed 80 dB is recommended. I usually adhere to the safe-listening style by WHO. Please note that my aural impressions and interpretations of measurements are also made from a safe-listening style.


(Chi-fi IEM Review) Unique Melody Maven Pro: High resolution and depth of sound field. An item for the wealthy with a stunningly beautiful appearance that satisfies the desire to own.

The Unique Melody Maven Pro have a captivating design that pleases the eye with its beautifully crafted, jewellery-like appearance. Its sound emphasises a sense of depth, with a chic and elegant resonance that will leave you with a high-re…

Unique Melody Releases All-New Multiverse Mentor Frequency Shift Hybid 13-Driver In-Ear Monitors

Unique Melody has released an update to its classic Mentor series of premium hybrid in-ear monitors. They have released the brand new Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor. Following the success of Mentor 3+, the latest Multiverse Mentor brings …

Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor: Advanced Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver In-Ear Monitor

Ultra high-end earphones Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor is now available.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Unique Melody Maverick Ti: A model that is finished safely like Uniqie Melody.

If you are looking for a choice in the $1000 neighborhood, the Unique Melody Marverick Ti is generally easy to recommend because its exterior build quality and sound meet the price level.

(News) Unique Melody Maven Pro: Latest 12-driver Hybrid IEMs With Titanium Ear Shells

Unique Melody is a leading brand when it comes to premium high-fidelity in-ear monitors. Well-known for their recently launched Mest MK2, MEXT, etc in-ear monitors, Unique Melody has always been an innovative brand bringing new technologie…

(News) Unique Melody Maven Pro: New Upgrade 10BA+2EST IEMs

The newest hybrid driver IEMs, the Unique Melody Maven Pro, is now available.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) UniqueMelody 3D Terminator (3DT): Excellent edge and sharp sound

UniqueMelody 3D Terminator has a high-frequency neutral sound, which makes it a great choice if you want to focus on sharpness and edge in your music.