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(News) TINHiFi Tin Buds 3: High-Fidelity Bluetooth v5.2 Earbud

New TINHIFI TINHiFi Tin Buds 3

New TINHIFI TINHiFi Tin Buds 3


TINHIFI has released TINHiFi Tin Buds 3, an IEM-type TWS.



  • High-Fidelity Audio, with Bluetooth Ease
  • Beryllium Diaphragm Drivers
  • Balanced Tuning in Every Note
  • Bluetooth v5.2
  • 90 Days Standby, 6.5 Hours of Play



  • Charging case battery: 400mAh
  • Earbud Playtime: 6.5 hours
  • Bluetooth version: V5.2
  • Driver: 6mm beryllium plated diaphragm driver



TINHiFi is one of the major and original manufacturers of affordable Hi-Fi in-ear monitors and have been beloved for their budget-friendly T-series and innovative P-series IEMs. Emphasizing build quality and high resolution audio playback, TINHiFi strives to make the best of the audiophile world accessible to all. TINHiFi aims to make the greatest innovations in the audio market affordable and reliable for all.



The world of music is headed towards wireless. However, so many bluetooth earbuds in the market suffer from poor audio quality. This is oftentimes a combination of poor speaker and audio engineering that comes with the small size of a conventional bluetooth earbud. At TINHiFi, we wanted the convenience and portability of a bluetooth earbud, but without compromising on audio quality. For this reason, the Tin Buds 3 is the first bluetooth earphone to utilize a 6mm beryllium-plated dynamic driver. With this incredible driver upgrade, the same professional audio engineering strategy used in the T3 Plus is utilized in the Tin Buds 3 to achieve a studio-monitor like sound that is also perfect everyday convenience.



In the field of dynamic driver speakers, the rule is: the greater the tensile strength of the diaphragm membrane, the more responsive the speaker. The material science behind speaker driver design must consider both the weight and flexibility of a material for the diaphragm, as well as the rigidity and strength. Beryllium diaphragms have emerged as one of the best diaphragm materials for headphones and earphones. In fact, most of the best renown in-ear monitors on the market today feature a beryllium dynamic driver due to the incredibly responsive and balanced sound they can provide.


We have engineered an updated 6mm beryllium plated diaphragm driver that has additional plated layers and has been further compressed to be thinner and more flexible. The increased tensile strength and surface tension means the Tin Buds 3 can produce a more responsive sound, translating to higher audio resolution, harder hitting bass, and more pristine trebles.



The Tin Buds 3 not only feature the latest and best driver, but also our professional tuning style. The Tin Buds 3 are acoustically engineered to produce a balanced tonal spectrum that is deep and powerful in the bass, yet still natural in the midrange, and clear in the trebles. To maintain a professional tuning, the midrange is free of bloat or muddying, while retaining an ever slight warmth.


The beryllium diaphragm driver delivers detailed and airy upper treble frequencies, but is moderately tamed to prevent any harshness. And best of all, this balanced tuning is all acoustically achieved, rather than through digital sound processing that most bluetooth earphones rely on. The majority of big name bluetooth earphones fail to deliver without heavy reliance on their DSP software. With the Tin Buds 3, the very core and soul of the earbuds are audiophile and HiFi.



The Tin Buds 3 features the latest bluetooth v5.2 for the fastest connectivity and lowest latency. This means you can stream your favorite movies and games to your Tin Buds 3 without any latency between the audio and the video. Furthermore, v5.2 allows higher audio quality transmission, meaning less compression in your Hi-Fi audio files.



The Tin Buds 3 feature a huge battery that allows up to 6.5 hours of audio playback and up to 90 days of standby time. Furthermore, with a 400mAh charging case, you can fully charge your Tin Buds 3 in just 1 hour, up to 5 times!

TINHiFi Tin Buds 3
TINHiFi Tin Buds 3


Price & Availability

TINHiFi Tin Buds 3 is now available at Linsoul and other locations for $89.52.


New TINHIFI TINHiFi Tin Buds 3

New TINHIFI TINHiFi Tin Buds 3

TINHiFi Tin Buds 3