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(News) Kinera Hodur: 1DD + 1BA+1 EST Drivers in Ear Monitors

Kinera Hodur

Kinera Hodur


The newest electrostatic IEMs, Kinera Hodur, have been released.



  • 3-Driver Tribrid Design
  • Ergonomic Shape for Comfortable Wearing
  • Luxurious Texturing
  • High-quality Cable For Best Sound Performance



  • Drivers: 1DD + 1BA + 1EST


3-Driver Tribrid Design

Kinera Hodur features a tribrid driver configuration. The pair houses 3 drivers on each side consisting of one highly-resolving Electrostatic driver, one BA driver, and one dynamic driver unit. They provide an exceptionally good high-frequency response with ultimate detailing and clarity. Three different types of drivers are fully integrated and supplemented by precise tuning that instantly blooms the sound of nature.


Ergonomic Shape for Comfortable Wearing

We understand wearing comfort is one of the biggest concerns for most in-ear earphones, thus we have paid great attention to this to present you with a comfortable, secure fit and noise isolation earphones while it also possesses astonishing industrial design and beauty. Kinera Hodur could be the earphone on-the-go or something for a professional scenario.


Luxurious Texturing

Professional engineers at Kinera have assembled, build, and polished each and every single unit of Hodur by hand. The internal acoustic cavity is designed with a high-precision process. A perfect combination of delicate metal texturing and streamlined beauty.


High-quality Cable For Best Sound Performance

In order to bring the best out of the Hodur In-Ear Monitors, Kinera has bundled the pair with a high-quality cable. This cable is designed to enhance the sonic performance and doesn’t introduce any distortion in the signal transmission.


Price & Availability

Kinera Hodur is now available at Linsoul and other locations for $299.


Kinera Hodur

Kinera Hodur

Kinera Hodur