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(Chi-fi IEM impression) Open Audio Mercury 2.0: Improved high-frequency characteristics enhance overall sound balance and resolution

OpenAudio Mercury 2.0

OpenAudio Mercury 2.0


Open Audio is a Chinese earphone brand that is rapidly gaining recognition for its very good products.


Although their debut work, Witch, did not do well, their second work, Mercury, received great acclaim for its beautiful sound design and exploded in popularity, and their third work, Alkaid, achieved a high-quality, high-resolution, authentic sound that rivals or surpasses that of the best manufacturers.


It is a very high-profile manufacturer that is currently undergoing rapid growth.


OpenAudio Mercury goes even further!

Open Audio's Mercury has been a big seller at a relatively affordable price, and now Open Audio has made a minor update to the Mercury to further improve its sound quality, Open Audio Mercury 2.0.


This 2.0 is currently being brushed up, and this evaluation unit may have different specifications than the final version.


For this reason, we will briefly introduce the evolutionary points of 2.0 based on the evaluation machine.


Features of OpenAudio Mercury 2.0
  • Appearance unchanged
  • Improved high-frequency characteristics
  • Improved overall sound balance
  • Improved resolution


OpenAudio Mercury 2.0

OpenAudio Mercury 2.0

OpenAudio Mercury 2.0


OpenAudio Mercury 2.0 retains the wonderful midrange ambience of Mercury, which was well received, especially for female vocals, but has been improved to add subtlety and sparkle with an increased presence of high frequencies.

This allows vocal consonants to be heard more clearly, breaths to be captured in greater detail, and vocals to sound more lifelike.


This has also improved the overall fidelity and sound balance.


The overall resolution has also improved by about 8% in my measurement evaluation, and I have confirmed that the sound is more transparent, especially in the mid-range.


No change in appearance

The exterior design has not been changed from the previous model at the evaluation unit stage.


Mercury has an individual serial number, so the difference between the old and new models may be judged by the serial number.


Below is a comparison photo of the old model and the new model. The serial number 50553 is 2.0.


OpenAudio Mercury 2.0

OpenAudio Mercury 2.0



Open Audio Mercury 2.0 looks to be an attractive alternative that takes the highly regarded Mercury even further.


Open Audio Mercury 2.0 is already available for order and can be purchased through the or mercari link below. Please note that other purchase locations may not have 2.0.


Open Audio Mercury 2.0 (Pre-final)

Open Audio Mercury 2.0 (Pre-final)

Open Audio Mercury 2.0