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Eight New Upgrades With The All-New FiiO M15S: Classic Redesigned For Better Experience!!

FiiO M15S

FiiO M15S



A: What's new from FiiO?

B: FiiO has released the M15S, an upgraded version of its flagship-grade M15 digital audio player.

A: What makes it better?

B: The M15S features an upgraded ES9038Pro 32-Bit DAC Chipset, a redesigned audio amplification circuitry for higher output power, and a newer Snapdragon 660 CPU chipset paired with 4GB of RAM. It also has a larger 5.5" display screen and newer Android 10OS. Additionally, it supports Hi-Res Lossless audio on Apple Music and has Roon Ready certification.

A: What about Bluetooth connectivity?

B: The M15S comes equipped with the latest generation Qualcomm QCC5124 High-Resolution Bluetooth chipset, supporting AptX HD, LDAC, AptX Lossless, etc. wireless protocols.

A: How much does it cost?

B: The FiiO M15S is priced at $999.99 and is available for purchase on


FiiO has introduced the all-new M15S Hi-Resolution digital audio player. It’s actually an upgrade over the highly-acclaimed M15 flagship-grade digital audio player from FiiO. The original M15 came out a few years back and was in a dire need of an upgrade. Mainly because the OG model has lost the support for Apple Music, and needed refreshment as well. So here comes the all-new M15S loaded with advanced software features and hardware configuration. This includes an upgrade on the main DAC chipset, an upgraded amp circuit for more output power, an upgraded SoC, newer Android, Apple Music support, and many more new features!!


FiiO M15S


Even with all the updates the price of the M15S is lower than the OG M15. FiiO M15S is launched officially for 999.99$, check out more details here.


Newer ESS Sabre DAC Chipset

FiiO M15S comes with an advanced ES9038Pro 32-Bit DAC Chipset. It’s a flagship-grade 8-channel DAC from ESS Sabre Technologies that is known for its exceptional sound decoding performance. The player supports decoding for all leading audio formats with high-resolution 32-Bit PCM and Native DSD signal decoding. ES9038Pro is a trusted DAC, trusted by many brands, and trusted by audio enthusiasts from all around the globe. Now enjoy the amazing sound of ES9038Pro on the go with M15S!!


High-Power Output

FiiO has redesigned the audio amplification circuitry on the M15S with newer, high-power chipsets. Compared to the OG M15 model, the M15S has a much more improved output. Not only in terms of high power but also in terms of clarity. We get up to 1.2W of clean output power that is adequate enough to drive even the high-power requiring hungry headphones with ease. It actually features a high-power over-ear headphone mode just like the M17!!


FiiO M15S


Latest SoC And More RAM

FiIO M15S has received an upgrade in the SoC department as well. The player houses Qualcomm’s advanced Snapdragon 660 CPU chipset that is paired with 4GB of RAM. Snapdragon 660 is fast and offers a smoother user interface across different applications. 4GB of RAM also allows for easy multitasking with different media applications.


Newer Android, More Applications Supported

FiiO M15S features newer Android 10OS with Google Play store pre-installed on the device. It supports most new media applications with high-resolution audio decoding. You get support for Hi-Res Lossless audio on Apple Music which was previously not available on the OG M15. It also has Roon Ready certification supporting connection with Roon devices across the system.


High-Resolution Two-Way Bluetooth Connectivity

FiiO M15S comes equipped with the latest generation Qualcomm QCC5124 High-Resolution Bluetooth chipset. It provides two-way high-definition Bluetooth connectivity to the device supporting AptX HD, LDAC, AptX Lossless, etc wireless protocols. Compared to the previous generation, the Bluetooth connectivity on the M15S is more stable and more consistent than the OG M15.


FiiO M15S


Bigger Display Screen

FiiO M15S has got a bigger display screen. It now features a large 5.5” display with 1440x720P 18:9 display resolution. The OG M15 had a 5.15” display!!


Balanced Line-Out Support

One of the biggest issues with the OG M15 was no balanced line-out support on a high-end DAP. FiiO has rectified the issue here on the M15S with a balanced line-out support through the 4.4mm output port. The player has got three output options, 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm.


Integrated RGB Indicator Light In Volume Wheel

FiiO M15S continues the brilliant design of the OG M15 with a volume wheel present at the top of the device. It now has a built-in RGB indicator light that glows into different colors based on the active playback bitrate.



Price & Availability

FiiO M15S is priced at 999.99$, you can check out more information on the product page over here.


FiiO M15S

FiiO M15S

FiiO M15S