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(News) Introducing the Shanling EM5, a Desktop streaming DAC/AMP

Shanling EM5

Shanling EM5


A New Outlook for Shanling

In recent years, the audio industry has become increasingly focused on the field of personal audio devices, with product lines shifting almost completely to portable D/A converters, portable headphone amplifiers, portable high-resolution audio players, and, most importantly, IEMs/headphones.


Shanling believes that 2021 will be a turning point, when the audio industry will return to its roots, and the home audio field will take over.


Shanling EM5


It started with the Shanling M30

Already a few weeks ago, Shanling announced the Shanling M30 Modular Desktop HiFi Streaming Player, signaling the company's re-entry into the field of high-quality home desktop hi-fi.


Now, more product announcements are coming, and they are all envisioned with the same approach, that is, as so-called desktop audio systems, with the Shanling EM5 and Shanling EA5 being revealed.


Shanling EM5, a Desktop streaming DAC/AMP

Shanling is focusing on music streaming based on the industry standard UPnP with the EM5. the Shanling EM5 Streaming DAC/AMP is designed as a DLNA certified streaming client. In addition, it also supports Apple AirPlay to access a wide range of streaming services.


Shanling EM5

Shanling EM5


It can be operated with the appropriate application on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, a touch screen display is provided on the top of the EM5, allowing all functions to be operated comfortably on the device.


The Shanling EM5 Streaming DAC/AMP is equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to connect directly to your mobile device as a source without the need for network infrastructure.


Shanling EM5


The backbone of the desktop audio chain

The Shanling EM5 Streaming DAC/AMP is designed primarily for use with headphones, and offers a wide range of flexible connection options to accommodate a variety of headphone models.


In addition to the most common options for unbalanced headphones, there are also options for balanced connections in the form of XLR and 4.4mm jacks.


As the name suggests, this solution is intended to function not only as a preamplifier, but also as a versatile D/A converter, so it can be used as a flexible interface for power amplifiers and active speaker systems.


Shanling EM5

Shanling EM5


Specifications of Shanling EM5

Shanling EM5


  • System closed customized Android, with built-in streaming app
  • Display touchable 4.7" HD
  • Power supplySeparate power supply for analog and digital sections
  • Low noise toroidal transformer for analog section
  • Switching power supply for digital section


Analog circuitry
  • AKM AK4493 DAC
  • OPA2211 as low-pass filter
  • Two TPA6120A2 for headphone output
  • 2X Muse8920 for preamp output
  • 3rd generation FPGA
  • CPAF filter technology
  • KDS crystal oscillator
  • Panasonic tantalum capacitors


  • Headphone output: 6.35mm single-ended, 4.4mm and 4-pin XLR balanced
  • Preamp outputs RCA & XLR outputs
  • Digital inputs USB, coaxial, optical, LAN, external driver USB slot
  • Digital Output Coaxial & Optical


Output Power
  • Single ended 6.35mm - 540mW @ 32Ohm
  • Balanced - 1620mW @ 32Ohm


Wireless connection
  • Wifi 2.4 & 5G
  • Supports DLNA and AIrplay
  • Supports bi-directional Bluetooth 4.2 and LDAC


Audio support
  • PCM 32bit/384kHz
  • DSD256 native, DSD512 software
  • 8x MQA

Due to a printing error in some media, the diagram of some units of EM5 shows OPA1612. The actual part used is OPA2211.

  • Size: 238*188*55mm



The Shanling EM5 is designed to function as the backbone of an Android-based home audio system, with MicroSD music storage, DLNA-compatible content server, Bluetooth, and AirPlay support. Shanling's system software technology has been well-developed through the development of digital audio players, and this seems to be a promising model in this type of product.


You can check out the details here.


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