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(News) Release of "Moondrop Kato," a Single Dynamic IEM with Newly Developed ULT Super Linear Dynamic Driver

Moondrop Kato

Moondrop Kato


Moondrop is a veteran HiFi audio in-ear monitor brand based in China, specializing in the research, development and distribution of high quality IEMs, with a wide range of products in different price ranges. Specializing in the research, development and distribution of high quality IEMs, with a wide range of products in different price ranges, Moondrop has dominated the single entry to mid-level single dynamic IEM market with its highly acclaimed Kanas Pro and KXXS earphones.


Today, Moondrop announced the latest upgrade to its KXXS lineup, the Moondrop Kato. The Moondrop Kato is the result of two years of design, testing and refinement to develop a new ULT (Ultra- Linear Technology) dynamic driver unit that delivers powerful and engaging sound with a natural tone and low distortion. Moondrop Kato uses the third generation of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) composite diaphragm for the ULT dynamic driver to provide a new experience of high-resolution sound. In addition, a new MIM stainless steel diaphragm has been developed. The Moondrop Kato features interchangeable sound nozzles and comes with two types of ear nozzles.


Kato is currently available for pre-order for $189. As a pre-order bonus, it comes with the latest Line "K" upgrade cable. For more details, please visit here.


Moondrop Kato


Features of Moondrop Kato

  • Featuring the newly developed ULT Super Linear Dynamic Driver
  • Third-generation DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) composite diaphragm
  • Interchangeable nozzle design
  • Third-generation patented anti-blocking acoustic filter
  • Newly designed spring silicone eartips
  • Professionally tuned for VDSF target response
  • Thick silver-plated cable made of high quality copper
  • Gold-plated 0.78mm 2-pin connector


Technical specifications of Moondrop Kato

  • 10 mm ULT dynamic driver
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz to 45kHz (IEC, Free Field)
  • Effective frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
  • Impedance: 32Ω±15% (@1kHz)
  • Sensitivity: 123dB/Nrms.
  • Distortion: 0.<0.15% or less (1kHz, AES17 20kHz, A-weighted).


Moondrop Kato


Newly developed ULT super linear dynamic driver

The Moondrop Kato uses a newly developed 10 mm Ultra Linear Technology Super Linear Dynamic Driver Unit. In addition to an efficient composite magnetic circuit that combines internal and external magnets and a linear air circulation structure, it also features a large brass acoustic cavity, an ultra-fine imported CCAW sound coil, and a high-frequency phase waveguide. This driver has undergone more than two years of development to achieve genuine sound performance.


Third-generation DLC composite diaphragm

Kato's 10 mm ULT dynamic driver uses a third-generation DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) composite diaphragm coil. This composite diaphragm uses three materials with different characteristics to form each part of the diaphragm. The result is high rigidity, high damping ratio, and ultra-light weight. Its overall acoustic performance exceeds even that of a beryllium diaphragm.


Moondrop Kato


Modern, stunning, three-dimensional appearance

Moondrop has designed the Kato with a modern design using MIM stainless steel material. The earphone shells are cast using the MIM powder metallurgy method. Every part of the surface is hand polished to a smooth finish. The surface of Kato reflects light and shadow to create a three-dimensional appearance.


Delicate cavity structure for well-balanced tuning

KATO's front acoustic cavity is designed based on the volume and structure simulated by FEA (Finite Element Analysis Simulation). This allows us to maintain a balanced tuning profile and achieve a sound that complements a variety of genres. In addition, KATO's front cavity, coupled with the high frequency phase guide components in the driver, outperforms other so-called special tuning components. This pair has been tuned by professional acoustic engineers in line with the VDSF target response.


Moondrop Kato


Interchangeable ear nozzles

The Moondrop Kato is designed with a replaceable sound nozzle. Moondrop offers two types of sound nozzles (steel and brass) made of different materials. The steel and brass nozzles have different sound characteristics and can be replaced according to your preference.


Third generation patented acoustic filter

The Moondrop Kato features an all-new 3rd generation patented anti-blocking filter built into the ear nozzle. It prevents oily earwax from blocking the filter, resulting in a richer sound in the mid and high frequencies.


Newly developed spring silicone ear tips

Moondrop has designed a new spring silicone eartip that suppresses weak resonance through a special diffusion structure. It also reduces high-frequency linear distortion caused by nozzle resonance, resulting in a more natural and comfortable output. This eartip also allows users to get a better fit.


High-Purity Bundled Cable

Moondrop uses a 4-core high purity copper thick silver plated cable for the new KATO. This cable is coated with a high permeability mixed material that provides ultra low dielectric constant. This cable offers low internal resistance and smooth signal transmission, providing the user with pure sound. The connector uses a standard 0.78mm 2-pin connector.


Price and Availability

Moondrop Kato is available for pre-order now for $189. The pre-order period starts today and ends on September 16. As a bonus for pre-ordering, we are offering a free high-quality upgrade cable from Moondrop (the latest Line "K", 3.5mm SE and 2.5mm/4.4mm Bal termination options) We look forward to your pre-order of the Moondrop Kato.


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