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(News) TRN VX Pro, the long-awaited second release from the popular VX series




TRN has released the TRN VX Pro, its latest in-ear monitors with hybrid drivers, the second in the popular VX series.


High-grade design of aerospace-grade aluminum and magnesium alloy

This pair features an aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy earshell that is made with high-precision CNC. The earshell contains 9 hybrid drivers per side. VX Pro is available in two color variations: Midnight Blue and Moonshine Silver. 




Easy to Drive & Impressive 9-Driver Hybrid Configuration

With a low impedance of only 22 ohms and a high sensitivity value of 106 dB, you can easily drive the VX Pro with your smartphone.

The TRN VX Pro combines one dynamic driver per side with eight balanced armature drivers to deliver high sound quality beyond its price.


The dynamic driver uses a CNT (carbon nanotube) diaphragm to deliver powerful bass with low distortion. The balanced armature driver uses a custom type from TRN, a company with advanced technological capabilities.




A new benchmark for sound

The sound of the TRN VX Pro is built on a precise 3-way crossover network, providing uncompromised sound quality by professionals.



A wide variety of accessories

The TRN VX Pro comes with a 4-conductor silver-plated cable, aluminum storage case, 3 pairs of eartips for treble, 3 pairs of eartips for bass, 1 pair of foam eartips, and a 6.6mm adapter.







The TRN VX was one of TRN's most popular models, but from my overall impression, the TRN VX Pro is also a pretty good earphone, and like the TRN VX, it seems to be tuned to a relatively good balance for this brand. The price will be around $88.80. More information can be found here.


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