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(News) The latest low-cost electrostatic IEM, the KZ ZEX, is now available




KZ, a brand developed by Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co. in Guangdong Province, was established in 2008 and is a legacy brand within Chi-fi.


The name KZ is not only a reference to the initials of the founders, but also stands for "Knowledge Zenith". KZ stands for Knowledge Zenith.


The company offers lower priced earphones that mimic the form factor of many of the mid-priced earphones offered by the major brands.


KZ is finally introducing an IEM with the latest in electrostatic technology. The long-awaited KZ ZEX is now available in the market.


Electrostatic with low distortion

The biggest challenge for audio equipment is to provide an accurate sound image with lower THD (harmonic distortion). Electrostatic tweeters can solve the long-standing problem of THD in hybrid driver earphones because they can output sound with lower distortion than balanced armature drivers that offer similar functionality. The KZ ZEX also has lower distortion than existing KZ products.




High-density sound

The capacitive KZ ZEX's high-density sound and high-resolution performance enable vocals to resonate better and deliver louder, clearer sound performance.


Easy to drive

Compared to conventional high-voltage electrostatic drivers, low-voltage electrostatic drivers are easier to drive even in slim-sized earphones. You will be able to enjoy music with sufficient resolution even on smartphones.


Consistent quality

The quality stability of low-voltage electrostatic technology is far superior to that of dynamic & balanced armatures.


Three beautiful colors at a low price

The KZ ZEX is available in black, rose gold, and graphite.





Finally, KZ has introduced the KZ ZEX, a low-cost electrostatic IEM. The price is low, under $30. It seems like a good deal to be able to enjoy the sound of an electrostatic tweeter that provides low distortion and clear high frequencies at such a low price.


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