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(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN X7: Simply poor resolution and unpleasant sound.




Basically a hazing manufacturer, TRN

It is an undeniable fact that I am not a big fan of KZ and TRN. Many of the products of both brands that I have listened to so far clearly lack proper tuning, and this is exemplified by the fact that most of their products tend to have better sound balance with fewer drivers. When they try to handle more drivers, there is often only tragedy.


Well, TRN recently came out with a product in the $100 range called the TRN X7. I received a review unit of it and upon first listen I realized how terrible it sounded, so this article is going to be really depressing.


Fortunately, you can find plenty of articles praising the TRN X7 if you search the net, so if you are a TRN believer, you might as well read them. This article is basically just about how bad the X7 is.


The only thing relatively decent about the TRN X7 is its appearance, but even that is rather cheap.

This disengaged pin is said to be only in the review unit, but in fact all the initially shipped units were shipped in this condition.


The current shipping version seems to have been fixed to a QDC type PIN.


Not only do they send us cables that don't match or are different from the product images, but they also sometimes forget to include the cables.


A sickening sound that echoed in a cave.

First of all, as soon as you put them in your ears and play the sound, you will notice that the low frequencies sound too strong. The low frequencies are overshadowing the midrange, and the vocals are rather close but not tight enough to hear good detail, and the vocal sound image is strangely flat. I can't hear consonants very well, so they sound slurred and lack liveliness. I guess you could say it's dark, meek, and reserved, but overall it's a bit hazy. If I were to force myself to find a good point, I would say that the resonant component is strangely emphasized, so the feeling of being surrounded is good.


The rise of the sound is also slow, and the sound seems to be coming in and out of the room without proper adjustment of each driver, so the sound fluctuates widely, making it difficult to understand the localization. The contour of the sound image is too poor to begin with. The overall sound is caged and difficult to hear, so it is possible that the unnaturalness of the localization is not as noticeable as expected, but the sound is just saturated and unpleasant. Well, it's not that there aren't people who like this kind of fat sound, so there will be some demand for it. I don't need it.


TRN X7 Audio Status

The sound lacks extension with no high frequency extension, and the range is poor. I wonder why they decided to market such a product. Did they think it would sell? It's a $50 class sound at best, and the cost is too bad. When I measured it, as I expected, it looked terrible.


I think the release said, "The TRN X7 has been tuned by professional audio acoustic engineers to deliver high resolution sound with full-bodied response across a wide frequency range." but the majority of the sound you hear is in the low-mid range. Yeah, it's a bad product.



Don't be fooled by the large number of drivers, the rather neat look, and most importantly, don't be fooled by social media voices that might make you feel better about TRN than you should. These earphones are basically only worth about $50. If you're the type who cares about the number of drivers, I'd recommend the Geek Wold GK10, which you can get for less than half the price, instead of buying this. They may look cheap, but they'll make you much happier.


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