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【Chi-fi earphones review】DUNU Studio SA3: Constructed sound with a clear and well-defined mid-range sound centered on the vocals. The sound field is deep and has excellent layering on the horizon. Its design is also very attractive.

DUNU's new series is very good quality, both in build quality and sound quality, and they look very well made. I was captivated by the eye-popping blue ear shells that resemble lapis lazuli. The sound quality is close to neutral, especiall…

【Chi-fi earphones review】TANCHJIM HANA: It has a clean, flat sound with a Harman target curve as a reference. The whole package is high quality and satisfies the desire to own more than the cost.

The TANCHJIM HANA seems to be a very attractive product overall. The packaging is good, the build quality is good, and it satisfies the desire to own it. The sound quality is a reference to the Harman Target Curve, and the music is clean, …