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7HZ Legato

7Hz Introduces Legato: All-New Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

Following the success of the Timeless series and the Salnotes Zero series of in-ear monitors, 7Hz is back again with an all-new pair of in-ear monitors, presenting the all-new 7Hz Legato. What makes the Legato different from the other mode…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) 7Hz Legato: Listening sound that combines heavy bass, deep midrange, and extended highs

The 7Hz Legato IEMs have a V-shaped sound that combines massive, deep lows with sufficiently extended highs. The depth, rich resonance, and immersive sound may be quite attractive for relaxed listening applications.

(Linsoul) Early bird reservation for 7HZ Legato is now available.

Early reservations are now open for the latest 7HZ Legato earphones.