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An audio review & news blog. The volume should not exceed 80 dB is recommended. I usually adhere to the safe-listening style by WHO. Please note that my aural impressions and interpretations of measurements are also made from a safe-listening style.


(True Wireless Earbuds Review) ACEFAST T1: Listening earphones for mild listening comfort and relaxed immersion in music

The ACEFAST T1 is a high-resolution listening earphone with a mild, pleasing sound to the ear.

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) ACEFAST T3: Warm listening sound with emphasis on the midrange. Mellow, transparent and fresh midrange is attractive.

The AceFast T3 allows music to be heard with a mildly less stimulating atmosphere, especially in the midrange. The sound is less unpleasant and suitable for beginners of earphones. It is also suitable for those who prefer small, calm Jazz …