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An audio review & news blog. The volume should not exceed 80 dB is recommended. I usually adhere to the safe-listening style by WHO. Please note that my aural impressions and interpretations of measurements are also made from a safe-listening style.


(Eartip Review) LIZER LAB JIJUJET-2: Eartips expected to improve resolution. However, it is for advanced users. JIJUFIN recommended for beginners.

LIZER LAB JIJUJET-2 is an interesting audio item. It can be expected to have a positive effect in terms of actual resolution under the right conditions of use.

【Eartip Review】LIZER LAB JIJU: For those who want to enjoy the real "live sound" with earphones. Although there are various difficulties, eartips that realize a really wonderful sound field

Do you know this strange shaped eartip? LIZER LAB JIJU is an eartip with a wonderful sound field expression realized by advanced acoustic technology. However, it is known only to audiophiles who really know its value due to its incomprehen…