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An audio review & news blog. The volume should not exceed 80 dB is recommended. I usually adhere to the safe-listening style by WHO. Please note that my aural impressions and interpretations of measurements are also made from a safe-listening style.


【True Wireless earbuds review】NUARL N6 Pro: A model with a wonderful three-dimensional effect. Classic music has a sense of depth that can produce magnificent sounds

NUARL is a little star player in the Japanese Truely wireless earphone market. The company released the very famous fully wireless earphone NUARL NT01AX in 2018. Its amazing sound quality and quality surprised and captivated many. NUARL ca…

【True Wireless earbuds review】NUARL N6 Pro: The bright and clear sound that carefully realizes the deep three-dimensional sound is attractive. Recommended

Personally, as soon as I listened to this earphone, I was surprised. The sound has been designed so that it can be heard three-dimensionally with the sound field in mind, and the sound has been carefully crafted so that modern music can be…