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NICEHCK F1: 14.2mm Planar Driver Replaceable Tuning Filters In-Ear Earphone

The latest plane-driven IEM, NiceHCK F1, has been released.

NiceHCK NX7 MK4: Be-Plated Dual Dynamic + 4BA + PZT Tribrid IEM Earphone

The NiceHCK NX7 Mk4, the latest model of the popular tribrid earphones, has been released.

NICEHCK Introduces F1: Latest Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with 14.2mm Full-Frequency Planar Driver

NiceHCK joins the planar magnetic driver bandwagon with the release of its very latest Nicehck F1 IEMs. It’s not their first Planar IEM actually, back in 2018 they came up with the F3 which got a lot of praise from the community for its qu…

(News) NICEHCK Launches "Youth" Latest Single Dynamic IEMs with 8.8mm Beryllium-Plated Dynamic Driver

Over the years, NICEHCK has grown itself into a well-recognized brand of high-fidelity IEMs and earbuds. They have released some really good products recently like the EBX21 flat-head earbuds, the Lofty Beryllium DD IEMs, etc. Today we are…

(News) NiceHCK Announces "M5": Five-Driver Hybrid(4BA+1DD) IEMs with Tuning Valves

NiceHCK, a well-known name in the HiFi audio community has released a new set of premium in-ear monitors, the NiceHCK M5. The M5 adopts a five-driver hybrid configuration featuring a classic combination of Balanced Armature and Dynamic Dri…

(News) Release of "NICEHCK lofty" IEM with pure beryllium

NICEHCK has now released its flagship model "NICEHCK lofty" equipped with a pure beryllium diaphragm. The price is under $300.