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(Linsoul) Early bird reservation for THIEAUDIO GHOST is now available.




Early reservations are now open for the latest THIEAUDIO GHOST headphones, which are said to deliver accurate sound and a natural, expansive sound field.




THIEAUDIO was established in 2019 as a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. Our team is composed of only a handful of dedicated engineers and enthusiasts from China, South Korea, Mexico, and Singapore that have come together to craft the finest audio solutions. THIEAUDIO’s goal has always been to deliver the best audio quality at transparent price points for everyone to enjoy. Our innovative work throughout the few, but fruitful years have revolutionized the global industry and have set new standards as to the audio quality that should be expected in the market. THIEAUDIO’s milestones in the global industry include our in-ear monitor lineup such as the Monarch, Monarch MKII, and the V16 Divinity, while our headphones, like the Phantom, have been beloved by many DIY enthusiasts.




About Linsoul

Linsoul Audio is a leading audio products provider, offering a wide range of high-quality audio products to consumers worldwide. Their commitment to providing superior audio products that are both stylish and affordable has made them one of the top online destinations for audiophiles and audio lovers alike. With products ranging from earbuds, headphones and amplifiers, to DACs and digital audio players, Linsoul Audio has something to offer everyone.




How does the reservation process go?

  1. Reserve one THIEAUDIO GHOST by purchasing one $1 Reservation Card before its launch. The $20 Early Bird discount code will be sent to you immediately but it can only be used on the launch date. The launch date is likely on 27 February 2023 (GMT+8).
  2. On the launch date, those who had purchased the $1 RC will receive an email notification via with the link to purchase the THIEAUDIO GHOST Headphones.
  3. Customers must log into their designated email address and apply the $20 discount code to order their THIEAUDIO GHOST headphones. The headphones would cost $109 USD only after applying the $20 discount code.

No cancellation, refund or resale of the Reservation Cards will be provided.


What are the terms and conditions for reserving the THIEAUDIO GHOST?

  • Each customer is entitled to purchase only one Reservation Card for the THIEAUDIO GHOST. The $20 discount code received can only be used for one THIEAUDIO GHOST order. 
    E.g. If you had purchased ten $1 RCs, only one $20 discount code will be sent to you. No refunds will be made for any of the RCs paid.
  • After purchasing the RC, the Early Bird discount code will be sent to you via email immediately but it can only be used during the launch date. Please check your inbox/spam/junk mailbox before contacting us.
  • The email address used for reserving the THIEAUDIO GHOST purchase has to match your email address account on Linsoul.
  • Linsoul retains every right to cancel orders that try to abuse the system. The $1 paid for the Reservation Card will not be refunded.
  • Should you have other discount codes e.g. codes redeemed using your Reward Points, they are NOT stackable with the THIEAUDIO GHOST Early Bird discount code.
  • Shipping fee is calculated based on your order after using the THIEAUDIO GHOST Bird discount code. NO cancellation of the $1 RC is allowed due to regret buys.