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(News) Five Upgrades With The Brand-New FiiO Q3 MQA: Q3 MQA Vs OG Q3!!



Back in 2020, FiiO released the Q3 Portable USB DAC/AMP. At that time, The Q3 was one of the only few portable DAC/AMPs in the market to feature powerful THX AAA amplification. It brought excellent performance with a premium AKM DAC chip, both single-ended and balanced headphone connection supports, and many more features. Keeping with the trends in 2022, FiiO has released a brand new MQA variant for the famous Q3, presenting you with the all-new FiiO Q3 MQA. Apart from the added MQA decoding function, the latest Q3 MQA brings many more features to the device including a new and updated USB processor, a different DAC chip, and more. Let’s find out what’s new with the Q3 MQA.




Studio-Quality Sound With MQA Decoding

It’s in the name, Q3 MQA brings high-resolution Master-Quality signal decoding to the Q3. The device fully supports MQA signal decoding. Users can use Tidal, Qobuz, and other offline stored MQA streams and files with the Q3 MQA. It will fully unfold the stream and present the users with a true studio-quality sound performance.


New, Upgraded XMOS USB Processor

FiiO has upgraded the USB processor chip on the Q3 MQA, they have equipped the device with the latest-gen 16-core XU316 USB processor chipset. XU316 is the first AI chip from XMOS that enables better performance compared to the previous generations. It enables the Q3 MQA to support high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 signals as well as MQA signals through the USB connection to Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, and other devices.





Premium AKM DAC Chip

Due to the shortage of AK4462 DAC chips in the market(used in OG Q3), FiiO had to discontinue the Q3 and work on a redesign. The latest Q3 MQA is equipped with new and similar performing AK4452 DAC chipset. AK4452 is a highly capable DAC that supports high-resolution 32-Bit audio signal decoding.


Extended Battery Life

FiiO Q3 MQA has got dual battery modes. It can be used in portable as well as desktop mode. The Q3 MQA has got an improved battery life of up to 23 hours on AUX mode(previously 18 on Q3), and up to 12 hours on USB mode(previously 10 hours on Q3). Now enjoy a full day of high-resolution music without worrying about the battery running out.





Supports UAC 1.0 Mode For Nintendo Switch and Other Devices

FiiO Q3 MQA can be connected to Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles with its UAC1.0 USB mode.


THX Amplifiers, Triple Headphone Output Ports, And Many More Features

FiiO Q3 MQA hares some features with the original Q3 USB DAC/AMP, which includes powerful THX AA-28*2 headphone amplifiers, powerful headphone output, Three headphone output ports, multi-color RGB LED indicator, etc. It’s a brilliantly designed device that brings a true master-quality audio experience at the ease of your hands.




FiiO has launched the Q3 MQA officially for 149.99$, it is available to order with us. Feel free to check out more details here.



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