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(News) S.M.S.L PO100: Latest USB Type-C Digital Audio Interface



PO100 from S.M.S.L Audio is an ultra-compact USB digital audio interface designed with a premium XMOS USB design. S.M.S.L PO100 uses USB Type-C for signal input and has two digital outputs, Optical and Coaxial. This compact device supports high-res sampling rates, up to 24-Bit/192kHz PCM and DoP64(DSD64). S.M.S.L audio is a well-known brand among audio enthusiasts, mostly known for their premium desktop audio gears such as DACs, AMPs, and all-in-one headphone DAC/AMPs. The latest PO100 is designed for ease of use anytime anywhere. Its Optical and Coaxial ports let the users connect it to further devices in the audio chain. S.M.S.L PO100 is released officially for just 34.99$, launched in two different color options. Check out more details here.



  • XMOS USB Chipset.
  • Type-C Input Interface.
  • Optical & Coaxial Digital Outputs.
  • Supports PCM 24-Bit/192kHz.
  • DoP64(DSD64) support.
  • S.M.S.L CK-02 Low-Jitter Clock Circuit Design.
  • LED Indicator.
  • Compact & Portable.


Technical Specs

  • Output Sample Rate: 16/24Bit, 44.1kHz-192kHz, DoP64.
  • Power intake: 5VB/1.0A.
  • Size: 45x13x50mm(WxHxD).
  • Weight(with packaging): Approx 75grams.


Supports Hi-Res Signal Transmission

S.M.S.L has designed the PO100 with a premium XMOS design for asynchronous signal transmission. It supports high-resolution audio signal transmission with 24-bit/192kHz PCM and DoP64 transmission support ensuring an authentic Hi-Res experience for the users.


Premium-Grade Performance With Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Design

S.M.S.L PO100 not only adopts premium XMOS design but also features S.M.S.L patented CK-02 low jitter circuit design, ensuring a premium performance with the lowest clock jitter for its price range.


USB Type-C Input Interface & Dual Digital Outputs

S.M.S.L PO100 features a USB Type-C port for signal input.  It can be connected with different devices including Gaming consoles, TV, and Android//iOS devices. As for signal output, it houses two digital output ports, Coaxial and Optical.


A Portable & Compact USB Audio Interface That One Can Carry Around Easily

S.M.S.L PO100 is an ultra-compact USB digital Audio interface that one can easily put into pockets and backpacks. It weighs only 75 grams allowing one to carry it around easily. With the expertise of S.M.S.L Audio, the PO100 packs a punch in a lightweight and compact design.


LED Indicator

S.M.S.L PO100 features a small LED light indicator that glows in two different colors depending on the active bitrate of the transmission file. It glows blue color for 44.1kHz and 48kHz files. For 88.2-192kHz and DSD filters, it glows in Red color.


Pricing & Availability

S.M.S.L PO100 is available in two different color options, Black& Silver. It is launched worldwide for just 34.99$, check out more details here.


S.M.S.L PO100

S.M.S.L PO100

S.M.S.L PO100