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SUPERTFZ FORCE 5: Tesla Dual Magnetic Graphene Diaphragm IEMs




The latest Tesla driver-equipped IEM, SUPERTFZ FORCE 5, has been released.



  • Ultra-high dynamic performance headphones, ultra-high-definition, no sound coloring, more real
  • Tesla unit: Five Consecutive VGP Award Units
  • Graphene diaphragm: stronger rigidity, clearer resolution, sharper dynamics
  • Dual magnetic circuits and dual sound cavity: full of energy, clear layers and precise positioning
  • Two-crossover: UHF, more high-definition
  • Spatial loud field: music is more pleasant and more enjoyable
  • Deep sound insulation and noise reduction: immersive listening
  • Professional stage tuning: a creative tool
  • Detachable cable: upgrade the sound quality to enhance the playability



  • Model: FORCE 5
  • Driver: 11.4mm dual magnetic circuit dual cavity Tesla magnetic group unit
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 112dB
  • Frequency response: 20-40kHz
  • Plug: 3.5mm stereo straight plug
  • Cable: silver-plated cable
  • Cable length: 1.2m


Dual magnetic circuit two-crossover technology

The SUPERTFZ dual-magnet unit has a strong driving force, and the efficiency is significantly improved compared with the ordinary single-magnet dynamic unit. The use of magnetic mechanics is reasonably matched with two high-performance rare earth neodymium magnets, which can reproduce ultra-clear resolution and strong bass at any time.


The drive unit with dual cavities, due to the addition of a tuning rear cavity, is mutually tuned with the front cavity of the unit, and the cavity is larger than that of the ordinary drive unit, which is equivalent to increasing the linear space of the unit. By adjusting the size of the rear cavity and the air permeability coefficient , can significantly improve the mid-frequency response, the sound is smooth, and at the same time reflect a broad and magnificent sound field, there are acoustic guide holes on the back of the drive unit, reasonable control of the guide holes can optimize the movement of the diaphragm, and the frequency response control can effectively improve the transient characteristics of the bass, and accurately Reproduce the rhythm of each frequency point to ensure the true restoration of the scene information.


The unit has an independent ultra-high frequency crossover technology, which is comparable to the resolution of the balanced armature, which can ensure the ultra-high frequency restoration and transient performance of some details of the musical instrument.


Custom on-ear design

FORCE 5 lightweight to wear, no invasive pain, no burden, comfortable and fun to create.


CNC carved aluminum mirror craftsmanship + crystal glass (natural wood)

Based on the contour shape of the human ear, the lightweight design is light and painless when wearing, providing a longer comfortable experience during your creative process.


Sense of presence, ultra-clear sound

FORCE 5 built-in dual-magnetic circuit two-way ultra-clear Tesla dynamic, creating an immersive experience of ultra-clear resolution space sound field.


Tesla's big power unit, five consecutive VGP award units

11.4mm super magnetic moving coil unit, N52 strong magnet, with graphene Nano-diaphragm, excellent restoration of various music information, flat frequency response without sound coloration, rich high-definition detail levels, and precise positioning, in your creative recording and contraction, precise calibration during mixing.


UHF frequency division technology

Based on the powerful and extraordinary ultra-high frequency crossover technology, the low resistance is easy to push, and even with a mobile phone, you can easily experience the sound quality of the flagship amp, and the flagship-like experience.


Professional stage tuning

More than 20 band singers and sound engineers participated in in-depth joint tuning to ensure the output of professional-grade real monitor sound and high reproduction without sound coloration, and to provide excellent sound support during live performances and mixing creation and recording.


Frequency response curve

5-40kHz ultra-wide bandwidth, reproducing high-precision and extremely accurate stage sound effects.


Support detachable cable

It supports 2pin 0.78mm detachable cable, which provides greater possibility for the performance improvement of the headset and the later playability.


Silver-plated cable 4C*24*0.05 + 200D core wire surface enameled*1F transparent TPU outer quilt


Light to wear

The single side weighs only 5.8 grams, suitable for long-term unburdened wear, comfortable creation


Price & Availability

The SUPERTFZ FORCE 5 is available now for $199 from Penon Audio and others.