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(News) Seek Real Audio Airship: 10mm CNT Dynamic Driver Earphone

Seek Real Audio Airship

Seek Real Audio Airship


Seek Real Audio has released a new single DD IEMs, the Seek Real Audio Airship.



  • Seek Real
  • 10mm CNT Dynamic Driver
  • Balanced Tuning
  • Aluminum Casing
  • Premium Acoustic Cable



  • Unit configuration: 10mm CNT Dynamic Driver
  • Cable configuration: Oxygen-free copper silver plated
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Plug specification: 0.78 2pin removable
  • Sensitivity: 110db
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 10-40kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.2%


Seek Real

The goal of professional audio products is to achieve an authentic and accurate sound. At Seek Real Audio, we aim to capture this essence and deliver the true intentions of the music with each earphone and headphone we release. Focusing on bespoke characteristics over mass production, our team takes care in the R&D of each project, focusing our efforts on perfecting each sound signature. We believe every unit reflects our goal and we thereby take pride in carefully handcrafting the best audio products. 


10mm CNT Dynamic Driver

The Airship is constructed around a next generation of 10mm carbon-nanotube (CNT) dynamic drivers. The CNT diaphragm features an intricate network of densely pact carbon cylinders and is often acclaimed as nature’s strongest materials. The strength and flexibility of the CNT diaphragm allows a quick responsiveness when driven by strong magnets, which increases the resolution and transients of the sound. Furthermore, the CNT dynamic driver is praised in the audio industry for its plasticity in the tuning process, ensuring a proper balanced sound signature without any abnormalities throughout the frequency range. With each generation of CNT drivers, the sonic qualities have benefited through reengineering of the diaphragm material, and the latest generation of CNT drivers that the Airship uses takes advantage of these improvements. Compared to previous generation of CNT drivers, the Airship’s tightened diaphragm construction and stronger magnets deliver a higher resolution in audio quality, as well as quicker bass response and airier treble harmonics. 


Balanced Tuning

The Airship has been carefully tuned to make best of its new CNT driver. The tonal signature is well balanced, featuring a strong sub-bass emphasis that is not rolled off, a natural mid section that is free of low-frequency bloating or muddying, and a crisp treble response that has a natural decay for a peaky-free listening. The strength of single dynamic driver earphones is often in their tuning, and we took no exceptions in the development of the Airship sound signature. 


Aluminum Casing

The structure of the Airship is constructed from light-weight airplane-grade CNC aluminum. Our laboratory’s new machinery allows precise CNC carving of the acoustic chamber, which emphasizes the Airship’s soundstage and airy treble. This lightweight housing is durable, safe to the skin, and is comfortable even with long listening sessions. 


Premium Acoustic Cable

The Airship comes standard with a premium silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable. Copper cables are extremely suitable cable materials due to their conductivity, and we have selected the highest grade of OCC copper wires for our cable. Furthermore, silver-plating of copper cables allows an even higher transient delivery, allowing your music to sound naturally brighter and more responsive.



Price & Availability

Seek Real Audio Airship is available now at Linsoul and others for $179.


Seek Real Audio Airship

Seek Real Audio Airship

Seek Real Audio Airship