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(Monitor Headphones Review) SHURE SRH1540: Excellent neutral recording monitor. One of SHURE's best models that carefully projects a wide range of sound.

The SHURE SRH1540 has a very high reputation, and I can confirm that it does indeed have a very good neutral sound. Of course, it is not a perfect model. The sound is lacking in clarity considering the price, and may lack pinpoint clarity …

(News) The latest portable Bluetooth & USB DAC + headphone amplifier "Aune BU2" is here!

Today, Aune announced its latest portable Bluetooth/USB DAC/headphone amplifier, the Aune BU2. It is a direct upgrade of the Aune BU1 DAC+Headphone Amplifier, featuring a better DAC and improved AMP chipset, an added 2.5mm balanced output,…