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(News) iBasso Released DC06 Latest Portable USB DAC/AMP With Dual Sabre DAC Chips

iBasso has added a new Portable USB DAC/AMP to its famous “DC” series of USB DAC/AMPs, meet the all-new iBasso DC06. The “DC” series is famous for multiple successful products such as the DC02, DC05, etc. The latest iBasso DC06 comes equip…

(News) Sivga SV023 Latest Walnut Wood Headphones With 50mm Beryllium-Plated LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

When it comes to exquisitely made wooden over-ear headphones, Sivga is a brand that comes instantly to our minds. Over the past few years, Sivga has come out to be a great brand with a huge collection of hand-crafted wooden headphones. Tod…