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An audio review & news blog. The volume should not exceed 80 dB is recommended. I usually adhere to the safe-listening style by WHO. Please note that my aural impressions and interpretations of measurements are also made from a safe-listening style.

Flagship Digital Audio Player impressions

【Flagship Digital Audio Player impressions】FiiO M15: Overwhelming functionality and high-end sound quality that seems to be the best portable DAP at the moment

The FiiO M15's first impressions are pretty amazing, and should provide a comparable or better music environment than a $ 1000 high performance machine. The amplifier power is sufficiently powerful, the sound quality is natural and high re…

【Flagship Digital Audio Player impressions】FiiO M15 vs Astell&Kern SP2000: Which is the Truly High-end?

The latest M15 from global Digital Audio Player (DAP) maker FiiO is equipped with dual AK4499EQ, Asahi Kasei's flagship DAC chip. There are only two DAPs on the planet that have dual of the highest DAC chips in the industry, yes, one of th…