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(True Wireless Earbuds impression) Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8: Fun V-shaped sound with enhanced low and mid-high frequencies

Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8

Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8




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  • People who like lustrous sound
  • People who value a sense of heaviness


Overview of Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8

This review will give an overview of Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8.


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Basic Specifications
  • Continuous / maximum playback time: 6h / 24h
  • Waterproof performance: IPX4
  • Supported codecs: SBC



The packaging and accessories for The House Of Marley Rebel have the brand's typical eco-design, which is simple but gives the impression of organic warmth.


It is nearly impossible to get this unique atmosphere from other brands, so those who like this kind of packaging will find it irresistible.


Package contents
  • Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
  • Charging case
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Eartips (3 sizes)
  • Manual


Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8


Build quality

Build quality is good. However, the gloss is somewhat strong.


Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8

Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8



The fit is good. Small ears probably won't be a problem.


Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8
Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8


Connection quality

I tested it by connecting it to a Cayin N6II/E02 with aptX.


I don't know because I haven't been in crowds, but it is stable in the home. Distance tolerance is excellent, and the connection is seamless and intact even at a distance of about 5 meters. If obstructed by a barrier, it would disconnect for a moment, but the connection was quickly restored and I was able to listen to music consistently thereafter.


There may be a small amount of background noise, but most people probably won't notice it.


Sound quality

REW Frequency Response


Sound quality description

The following review was tested on a FiiO M15 with an SBC connection.


Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8 has a delightful sound, emphasized by deep lows and vibrant upper midrange. It is obviously a footnote, but the overall balance is well thought out.


Resolution is well worth the price, THD is a bit lacking for me personally, but not lacking for the price, and the balance makes EDM and POPS an enjoyable listening experience.


The disadvantages are: the midrange is a bit fuzzy due to the strength of the low frequency range, the upper midrange is not tight in the high frequency direction due to the emphasis in the upper midrange, the sense of definition is lacking for those who care about resolution, the extension is not good, and the sense of air is greatly lacking.


Sound quality general comment
  • Original sound fidelity: A-
  • Recommendation: B+
  • Personal preference: A-


Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8


Sound quality features
  • Colorful sound
  • Sound with a sense of gravity
  • Sound with depth
  • Moderate resonance in the midrange
  • Mild to the ear
  • Not bad texture expression
  • Reasonably faithful to the original sound
  • mellow sound


  • Lack of airiness
  • Low range that may be slightly too strong
  • Mids that sound vague


General comment

Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8  is a low-cost, stylish earphones. It does not have any special features, nor is the sound quality particularly outstanding, but the deep bass and colorful upper midrange make listening to music enjoyable.


Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8

Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8

Liberfeel Fancy Pods T8

AU $84.99