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(News) FiiO 14th Anniversary Model "FiiO FDX"




FiiO has announced two new flagship IEMs at their fall product launch. One is the already reported "FiiO FD7". The other is the "FiiO FDX", a limited edition collector's edition in-ear monitor for the company's 14th anniversary. The main differences between the FiiO FD7 and the FiiO FDX are the cables that come with it and its appearance.




Both the FiiO FD7 and FiiO FDX feature top-of-the-line pure beryllium dynamic drivers capable of 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux, front acoustic prisms, semi-open acoustic design, anti-stunting wave "Volcanic Field" system, and three pairs of interchangeable sound tubes.




Beautiful design like a piece of jewelry

The FDX is even more beautiful than the already beautiful design of the FiiO FD7.


The entire body of the FiiO FDX is plated with 24K gold for a luxurious texture and luster, especially in light and shadow, and the rear panel of the FDX features 30 imitation diamonds per earphone unit in a cupid-cut style.




High quality cable

The FDX uses a hybrid gold-silver-copper braided cable with four strands for a total of 240 wires. All cable fittings are gold-plated. Other features include 2.5/3.5/4.4 size + angle twist-lock interchangeable audio plugs.




Luxurious packaging unique to the limited edition

The FDX will be produced in a limited edition of 1000 units worldwide, with each IEM bearing a unique serial number. It also comes with a premium wooden case with an exclusive memorial badge commemorating FiiO's 14th anniversary.




Price and Availability

FiiO says that due to the scarcity and high cost of pure beryllium, there are only a very limited number of pure beryllium earphones on the market, and FiiO hopes that these products will reach more consumers.


The FiiO FDX 14th Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition will retail for around $799.99; the FiiO FD7 had a suggested retail price of $599.99.


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