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(News) Audiosense DT600, an IEM with beautiful handmade face panels!

Audiosense DT600

Audiosense DT600


Audiosense is a well known Chinese HiFi IEM brand. They have released many products including the flagship model T800 and the dual BA model DT200.


Recently, Audiosense added another beautiful multi-BA IEM to its famous "DT" series, and that is the Audiosense DT600. The DT600 consists of six balanced-armature drivers placed in a three-channel 3D-printed acoustic chamber and encased in a skin-friendly plastic shell. It has been expertly tuned to deliver balanced, high-resolution sound. The DT600 also features a beautiful handmade face panel, giving each unit its own unique aesthetic. 

The DT600 is available for $248. More details can be found here.


Audiosense DT600


Features of the Audiosense DT600

  • Powerful configuration of six balanced-armature drivers per side
  • 3-channel 3D printed sound guide system
  • Frequency-division condenser
  • Skin-friendly ear cavity with DLP 3D printing
  • Designer handcrafted face panel
  • Universal MMCX connector
  • Ergonomic and comfortable fit
  • High-purity silver-plated copper cable


Technical Specifications of Audiosense DT600

  • Impedance: 14Ω
  • Sensitivity: 106±3dB
  • Frequency response range: 20Hz to 22kHz
  • Sound insulation: 30dB
  • Weight (one ear): 5.4g


Audiosense DT600


Six balanced-armature drivers for high-resolution audio

Audiosense has placed six balanced-armature driver units in the DT600 in a three-way soundguide system. It features a double BA driver for powerful and warm bass, a double BA driver for natural and lively vocals and mids, and a double BA driver for clean and smooth highs. With a balanced and natural tone, the DT600 allows users to get a high resolution sound output.


3D printed sound guidance system

Audiosense designed a 3D-printed acoustic chamber to house the six drivers with a three-way sound guide system. This pair has separate acoustic tube channels for bass, mids, and treble to ensure clean sound output with minimal distortion and interference from multiple drivers.


Audiosense DT600


High-precision 3D printed ear shells

The DT600's earpieces are made using DLP (Digital Light Processing), a high-precision 3D printing technology that inherently increases the precision, efficiency and uniformity of the curing light. DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a high-precision 3D printing technology that intrinsically enhances the precision, efficiency and uniformity of the curing light, resulting in an unprecedentedly smooth internal structure. The earpieces are ergonomically designed and lightweight, providing users with a comfortable fit. It is also made of skin-friendly resin material.


Audiosense DT600


Handmade face covers with exquisite expressions.

The Audiosense DT600 features a beautiful and elaborate appearance with colorful handmade face covers. Each face panel is made by hand, so each unit has its own unique look.


Professionally tuned for a well-balanced sound

The Audiosense DT600 has been tuned by professional acoustic engineers to provide a natural and balanced sound. This pair represents our favorite music with accuracy and clarity across a wide frequency response range.


Audiosense DT600


High-purity silver-plated copper cable

Audiosense used eight silver-plated copper cables and a transparent PU material shield for the DT600. This provides a clean signal transmission with low internal resistance, enabling crisp sound reproduction in pairs.


Price and sales period

The Audiosense DT600 is available for purchase at HiFiGO for $248. More details can be found on the store page here.


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