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(News) 8BA IEMs "Tingker H16" released

Tingker H16

Tingker H16


Tingker has released the Tingker H16 8BA IEMs.



  • Carefully designed 8 Balanced Armature 
  • Exquisite craftsmanship metal cavity 
  • Professionai Tuner Restore Real sense
  • interchangeable 


Masterpiece Elaborated: Carefully designed 8 Balanced Armature 

The structure, location, frequencies and size were accurately calculated and designed. 3D-printed tube makes the most use of the armature at each frequency. 



Exquisite craftsmanship metal cavity 

Tingker H16 uses liquid aluminum alloy to make the shell of H16 because it' s much lighter in weight while three times stronger than stainless steel. Tingker believes it will effectively inhibiting harmonic resonance. 

  • Light: The density of aluminum is aboutOne-third of the steel density 
  • Strong: Enhanced by heat treatment And the alloying strengthening, The intensity will increase dramatically 
  • Corrosion resistant: In the air, A dense oxide film on the surface of the aluminium alloy can prevent corrosion 


Genuine Article Position of: Born to be Special Unilateral 8BA Units 

Tingker never pursue the units hoarding. 8BA units make the sound balanced, clear and placid. The separated tubes cover a completing sound range, creating a shocking auditory effect. 


  • 2 for extremely-high frequency:Smooth and glossy extremely-high frequency means the sound between 
  • 4 for mid-high frequency: Fine and smooth mid-high frequency makes the sound immersible 
  • 2 for low frequency: The bass is deep, flexible and rich 


Sound Should be: Based on high-end acoustics Pursuit of high quality

Tingker's tuners set each armature unit in different positions, and multiple sound pipes into different lengths, angles and width, to reach physical acoustic separation and present superior sound. 


Professionai Tuner Restore Real sense



The modified 0.78mm two-pin interface is more durable while brings more playability and different sound quality improvement. 



Price & Availability

The Tingker H16 is available now at Aliexpress and other retailers for $249.


Tingker H16

Tingker H16

Tingker H16