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(IEM Review) Acoustic Effect TRY-01: Typical balanced armature sound

Acoustic Effect TRY-01




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  • People who like high distortion & high resolution balanced armature sound
  • "ACOEF" fan


Overview of Acoustic Effect TRY-01

This review will give an overview of Acoustic Effect TRY-01. A complete review of this product can be found here.


audio-sound Score

  • Total Score: 7.3 / 10.0
  • Package: 7.5 / 10.0
  • Build quality: 7.5 / 10.0
  • Fitment: 8.5 / 10.0
  • High range: 8.0 / 10.0
  • Mid range: 5.0 / 10.0
  • Low range: 8.5 / 10.0
  • Less distortion: 6.0 / 10.0


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Basic Specifications
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Impedance: 31Ω
  • Sensitivity: 116dB
  • Connector: N/A


Features of Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01


Collaboration model with Yashima Electric, the world's top brand of 1-pole BA


  • Yashima Collaboration
    In order to produce TRY-01, we asked Yashima Denki, who has been involved in the manufacture of audio equipment for many years, for their full cooperation, and TRY-01 (Engineered by Yashima) was born.
  • Housing design (miniaturization)
    How can we make it less comfortable to wear on the ear? We have made the housing as compact as possible.
  • Cable with plug
    As in the previous YSM series, the core wire is made of oxygen-free copper wire, and the cable shape this time is a parallel cable with an L-shaped plug, while maintaining our commitment to acoustics.
  • About the sound
    While maintaining the above concept, the sound of the original BA of ACOEF has been achieved.




Since this is a rental item, the package is rated at a standard 7.5.


Package contents
  • Acoustic Effect TRY-01
  • Eartips
  • Re-cable products?
  • Manuals


Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01


Build quality

Build quality meets the price standard. However, I get the impression that it lacks a luxurious feel for over $100. The right-sided is with dots on the cable and body connectors; LR should be more obvious.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01
Acoustic Effect TRY-01



The fit is good.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01
Acoustic Effect TRY-01
Acoustic Effect TRY-01


Sound quality

REW Frequency Response

Acoustic Effect TRY-01 Frequency Response (RAW)


audio status

Acoustic Effect TRY-01のオーディオステータス


Sound quality description

In this review, I use the standard eartips size L and drive it with the FiiO M15.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01 has a deformed V-shaped sound signature that leans toward the high frequencies.


Please see here for detailed reviews on sound quality.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01


Lows / Bass

The low frequency range is relatively linear, with a flat adjustment that stomps down like a monitor speaker. The sense of visibility is not bad, but the overall atmosphere tends to be light.


The bass drum is relatively deep and tight, but lacks weight. It sounds tantalizingly light, but the rhythmic feel is easy to understand.


The electric bass is also tight and has a good sense of sink, but overall it sounds bright and lacks in blackness.


It may not be bad if you like a monitor-like sound, but it is hard for bass lovers to find it interesting.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01



The midrange of the Acoustic Effect TRY-01 seems to be reasonably neutral, but it lacks linearity in the mid-high frequencies and above, and also has a tendency to sound cheap due to the low transparency characteristic of balanced armatures. Resolution is quite excellent.

In the midrange, the sound is dull and soft in comparison to the brightness, and while the separation and sharpness are poor, the edges sound strangely glarey, which is unnatural and does not sound pleasant at all to me. The snare and electric guitar sounded weird, which is not good for rock music in particular.

Vocals have an unusually poor articulation, sounding loose and fuzzy, lacking definition, and sounding very cloudy and hollow. The midrange is not very good, and if you buy a pair of $10 earphones blindfolded, you are likely to find something better than these. The sweet spot from the upper midrange to the mid-high range, which is the area that affects the listening impression the most, is ridiculously poorly created.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01


Highs / Treble

There is an unpleasant point of odd glare near the mid-high range, but other than that, the high frequency range is rather decent.


Since it is a 1BA, extension is not good, and extension is lacking, but there is plenty of definition and no sense of buried detail. Sibilances tend to sound a bit sharp, but at the right volume, there are few situations where they are blatantly unpleasant.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01


Sound quality general comment
  • Original Sound Fidelity: A-
  • Recommendation: D-
  • Personal preference: D-


Not recommended.


Sound quality features

  • Excellent resolution
  • Bright sound
  • Monitor-like low frequency
  • Glare sound


  • Lacks transparency
  • Lacks a sense of construction
  • Uncomfortable feeling of glare
  • Unusual sense of separation
  • Tight midrange
  • Not comfortable to listen to
  • Lacks high-frequency extension
  • Acoustic performance and tuning generally inferior to $10 class earphones, except for resolution


General comment

The Acoustic Effect TRY-01 is an earphone that offers a harmonic-rich, high-resolution sound that is typical of single balanced armature driver models. However, the sound quality is not flattering, and the build quality seems cheap for a model that costs more than $100. Recent KZ models that cost less than $30 or so may still seem to have a more luxurious design.


Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01

Acoustic Effect TRY-01