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(News) Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise:1BA + 1DD Hybrid IEMs

Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise

Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise


Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise, an entry-level hybrid Chinese earphone from the popular brand Queen Of Audio, is now available.



  • 10mm titanium plated diaphragm DD
  • Custom 30095 treble BA
  • 3D printed 2-chamber structural shell
  • UV printed faceplate
  • 2 acoustic tubes
  • Copper alloy + copper silver plated braided cable



  • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 23Ω
  • Sensitivity: 106db
  • Driver configuration: QoA custom 1BA + 10mm titanium plated diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Housing Material
    • Shell: Crystal epoxy resin
    • Face plate: UV resin
  • Color: Purple/Sunrise (two colors)
  • Cable material Alloy copper + OFC silver-plated mixed cable
  • Cable length Approx. 1.2m
  • Cable connector: 2-pin (0.78mm)
  • Cable plug: 3.5mm straight plug





To the east of the West Indies archipelago, there is a beautiful pearly coral island in the rippling Caribbean Sea, which overlooks Barbados, the origin of rum, and the calm sea touches the outline of the island. It suddenly changes color and gives a lively look. The shallow sea around the island suddenly changes from dark green to light blue like magic, showing a dreamlike colorful color. The delicate ivory beach is close to the shallow waters and is delicately and softly produced by light blue.


Barbados Sunrise alternates from red, orange, and yellow at the bottom to foggy blue, dark blue, and light blue at the top, creating stunning gradations. Put grenadine in the bottom of the glass, add ice, mix light rum and blue curacao, and finally decorate with sliced ​​oranges.





The Caribbean Sea is full of the romance and feeling of cocktails and the warming sounds. Flavors that gradually evolve from the bottom to the top, like the dreamy gradient cocktail "Barbados Sunrise", blend together and complement each other. Barbados Sunrise was developed by combining QoA's custom balanced armature with a unique dynamic driver to create a clearer, more lively sound that follows the original warm sound of the Queen of Audio.






3D printing technology has realized a complex structure of two chambers in one cavity. The front shell has a two-chamber structure so that the BA unit and the dynamic unit can be mounted separately. Thereby, the unnecessary vibration at the time of operation is suppressed, the internal wiring is rationalized, and the interference and distortion of the electromagnetic wave are reduced.

In addition, a vent hole is provided between the two chambers so that the air pressure inside and outside the cavity can be adjusted in a well-balanced manner. Achieves more natural and smooth sound transmission. Both ergonomics and acoustics are considered. We have selected high quality UV curable resin for the material Barbados Sunrise.

It has a low viscosity and can accurately cure the inside of the cavity. In addition, since there is little curing shrinkage and the curing speed is fast, there is no deformation, expansion, or delamination after curing.

The protective layer is coated with imported resin, which is gentle on the skin, has anti-allergic resistance, high hardness and long-term wear resistance.


The Barbados Sunrise faceplate is a UV print with a vibrant layered design. There are "Sunrise" and "Purple", and the beautiful sunrise and sunset of Barbados are depicted.

  1. Sunrise
    The sea surface at dawn suddenly turns a delicate yellow. Because of that, the world seemed to be alive. The palm trees on the coast are blown by the wind, and the leaves of the swaying trunks collide with each other and buzz. The sand and shells on the beach are shining in the sunlight. Ripples connect with the blue sky and tell people the beginning of the day.
  2. Purple
    This song resounding in the sea was a signal for fishermen to rest at dusk. The fishing boat has finished work and has returned to the harbor. I was shocked to see the point where the sun went out. The afterglow of the sun dyed the originally blue sky purple and became deep and quiet. The seagulls fluttered nervously and flew away with them.





Barbados Sunrise, consists of a 1BA + 1DD driver. The mid-low range is a 10mm titanium plated diaphragm dynamic type unit, and the high range is tuned with a 30095BA unit customized by QoA. Accurate tuning is performed based on the driver tuning that QoA has cultivated in Adonis.


The 10mm titanium plated dynamic driver uses a copper clad aluminum coil, which makes the combination of diaphragms lighter, realizes a transparent and powerful clear sound, and has high sensitivity.


The custom BA unit features low distortion, good high frequency dictacy, and fast response.


Price & Availability

The Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise is available now at Audio46 and other retailers for $89.


Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise

Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise

Queen Of Audio Barbados Sunrise