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(News) Questyle M15 Portable USB DAC/AMP With ES9281AC Sabre DAC

Questyle M15

Questyle M15

In today’s times when the Lossless audio has reached the masses through multiple streaming platforms, mobiles have become a primary source of music enjoyment for many. To cater to their requirements and needs, brands have been coming up with high-quality Portable USB DAC/AMPs.


Today, Questyle, a pioneer desktop Hifi audio brand has released its latest Portable USB DAC/AMP, the Questyle M15. The latest Questyle M15 houses two of Questyle’s patented CMA(Current Mode Amplification) SiP modules. It has four CMA amp engines that produce ample signal amplification for powering even full-sized headphones on the go. The M15 is designed with a flagship-grade ES9281AC DAC chip from Sabre Technologies that ensures we get excellent performance with class-leading THD+N distortion and SNR ratings. Questyle M15 produces a clean and detailed presentation with no noticeable background noise even with sensitive IEMs. It houses dual headphone output ports, one single-ended 3.5mm and another balanced 4.4mm. Questyle has launched the M15 in two different variants, one with a type-C cable for Android, Windows, and MAC devices, and another with a lightning connector cable for iOS devices.


The M15 is priced at 249$ for the Type-C variant and 269$ for the Lightning cable variant. Check out more details here.



  • Questyle’s patented CMA modules.
  • Four total amplification engines.
  • Flagship-grade ES9281AC Sabre DAC chip.
  • Dual Headphone Output Ports(3.5mm Single-Ended+4.4mm balanced).
  • High-res PCM, DSD, and MQA signal support.
  • Ultimate clean output performance with ultra-low noise floor.
  • Class leading ultra-low Distortion.
  • Two-level gain switch.
  • LED indicators for gain and active bitrate.
  • Low power consumption TOREX power chip.
  • True High-Res Lossless experience.
  • Minimalistic design with metal housing and transparent cover.
  • Supports multiple devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Windows, and Mac systems.


Technical Specs

  • Decoding Parameters: PCM 32-Bit/384kHz, DSD256.
  • Output Interface: 3.5mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced.
  • Output Power(3.5mm): 11.97mW @ 300Ω, Vout(max): 1.895Vrms.
  • Output Power(4.4mm): 22.60mW @ 300Ω, Vout(Max): 2.624Vrms.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz±0.1dB.
  • THD+N: 0.0003%.
  • Dimensions: 61.8x27.2x12mm.


Powerful Amplification With Questyle’s Patented CMA Modules

Over the years with their professional expertise, Questyle has designed CMA(current mode amplifiers) for its high-fidelity audio gears. They have used two CMA SiP Modules on the M15 audio circuitry with four total amplification engines. The quadrupole driver amplification circuitry produces a strong powerful output that can drive almost any headphones with ease. It showcases tremendously clean output with low distortion and clean background.


Class-Leading Performance With Flagship Sabre DAC

Questyle M15 adopts the flagship ES9281AC DAC chip from Sabre Technologies. The 32-Bit DAC offers best-in-class performance achieving an ultra-low THD+N distortion and high SNR ratings ensuring a supremely clean performance while decoding high-resolution audio signals.


True High-Res Lossless Audio Decoding

The Questyle M15 provides an authentic High-res lossless experience with support for 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 decoding. It also supports MQA decoding bringing us closer to the master recording quality at the ease of our smartphone or PC, or tablet.


Dual Headphone Outputs With Powerful Output & Dual Gain Modes

Questyle M15 has got two headphone output ports, one single-ended 3.5mm and another fully balanced 4.4mm port. It has two level gain modes, low and high gain. High gain modes will enable the users to use high impedance headphones easily with the M15.


CNC Machined Aluminum Body With LED Indicators

Questyle has designed the M15 with a CNC machined aluminum chassis and a transparent front window. Through the transparent window, we can see the entire circuitry inside the M15 and two LED indicators. One light tells us about the active file bitrate while the other indicates the active gain level.


Low-Power Consumption Chipset

Questyle has featured a low-power consumption chip from TOREX Semiconductor Ltd. There are no over-hearting issues with the M15, and it allows us to listen to our favorite music for longer hours.


Price & Availability

Questyle M15 is launched officially in two different variants, one with a Type-C connector cable and another with a lightning adapter cable suitable for iOS devices. It is launched officially for 249$ for Type-C and 269$ for the Lightning variant. You can check out more details here.


Questyle M15

Questyle M15