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REECHO SG-03S: LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm Metal In-ear Earphones

Reecho SG-03s

Reecho SG-03s


Reecho has released its latest in-ear monitor, the REECHO SG-03S.



  • Based on the SG-03 comprehensive upgrade, bring different responses to the sound experience
  • High-end imported LCP diaphragm driver
  • All-metal acoustic earphone housing
  • 260 core high purity 5N Oxygen free Copper silver-plated wires
  • Full "core" power, high-end imported LCP diaphragm


The new high-end flagship SG-03s took 2 years to build, using professional imported LCP diaphragm dynamic driver, bringing rich details and unparalleled wide sound field. Low frequency deep dive to the bottom, the power surging, the middle frequency is sweet and moving, the high frequency is delicate and smooth, like the sound of nature.




New design, all metal acoustic earphone housing

A new generation of industry design, highlighting hard lines, full display of high-end charm. The selection of metal as the resonator can effectively reduce the resonance of the cavity and bring a more perfect sound experience.


Solitary ingenuity of the appearance of craft

Metal plating process brings beautiful texture, every detail of excellence, so that you become the focus of attention.




Voice good partner

SG-03s is standard equipped with Reecho flagship cable MW-03, 130 pieces of single strand, 2 strands of 260 cores of high purity 5N oxygen free copper silver-plated cable. The higher transmission efficiency brings the overall increase of information, so that SG-03s show the best state.


Ergonomic design, private model experience

Use professional ergonomic design, wear more intimate.


Delicate professional tuning, balanced and comprehensive tuning

By professional designers carefully tune, only to bring brilliant sound.




A wealth of accessories

By default, three sets of Reecho acoustic professional earphone sets are standard to experience different sound play. High-quality leather storage box brings all-round good protection.





  • Model: SG-03s
  • Driver: 10mm N52 LCP diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Wire material: 260 high purity 5N Oxygen-free Copper silver-plated wires
  • Frequency response: 20-20kHz
  • Impedance: 35Ω
  • Sensitivity: 109±2dB
  • Distortion: ≤1.5%
  • Balance: -0.02dB
  • Cable plug: 3.5mm audio gold-plated straight plug



Reecho SG-03s


Price & Availability

Reecho SG-03s are available now at Penon Audio and others for $69.


Reecho SG-03s

Reecho SG-03s