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Revolutionize your everyday music with the QCY T17!




Have you heard of the "high-quality sound true wireless earbuds" that are now the talk of the town?


"Yeah, I know! It's a SONY product, right? Or is it the Sennheiser one?"


I'm sorry you think so, but it's not them.


Today, I would like to introduce to you the QCY T17, a very high quality sounding earbuds.



The secret of QCY T17's popularity #1: High-resolution sound that can be heard clearly

The QCY T17 has very high resolution sound, one of the best in fully wireless earphones. You can read more about it in the review, but the sound is just beautiful and clearly audible.



The overall sound is bright and prospective, with not only recent digital music sounding crisp and clear, but also classical music sounding delicate and resonant in every corner.


The secret of QCY T17's popularity #2: Compact and easy to carry

Sound is not the only reason for the QCY T17's popularity. Its compact, easy-to-carry size is also an attractive feature.


The case is a smooth, horizontal style that not only fits easily in a pocket, but is also easy to remove.


The design is also elegant for a low-priced earphone.


The secret of QCY T17's popularity #3: The fit is too good!

Not only is the QCY T17 case compact, but the earphones are also compact and fit well in the ear.


The main body of the earphones has rubber fins, which are designed to catch the ear just right.



The secret of QCY T17's popularity #4: Excellent specs!

QCY T17's popularity is also due to its excellent specifications.


The earphones boast a nominal battery life of 8 hours continuous on their own and 26 hours including the case, providing enough playback time to cover relatively long trips as well as commuting to and from work.


Basic Specifications
  • Continuous / maximum playback time: 8h / 26h
  • Waterproof performance: IPX5
  • Supported codecs: AAC / SBC


The secret of QCY T17's popularity #5: Simple operation method

The QCY T17 is also not difficult to operate.


It is simple to pair and use right away, and basic operations are completed with the earphones.


Power ON Open the lid of the charging case and take out the earphones
Power OFF Store the earphones in the charging case
Pairing After turning on the earphones, if there is no connection point, the pairing mode will be automatic
Play/Stop Tapping the multi-function button twice
Song forward Press and hold the multi-function button on the right ear for 1.5 seconds
Song back Press and hold the multi-function button on the left ear for 1.5 seconds
Answer a call Tap the multi-function button twice
End call Tap the multi-function button twice
Activate voice assistant Tap the left multi-function button three times
Game mode on/off Tap the right multi-function button three times


The secret of QCY T17's popularity #6: Its Price

Now, the biggest secret of the QCY T17's popularity: its price. This earphone with very high sound quality and ease of use is available at a price of less than $50.