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(News) Moondrop Releases "DAWN" Brand New Fully Balanced Portable USB Type-C DAC/AMP

Moondrop DAWN

Moondrop DAWN


Following the success of the amazing Moonriver 2 USB DAC/AMP, Moondrop has come up with a brand new Portable USB DAC/AMP in the budget category, presenting you with the all-new Moondrop DAWN. Moondrop Dawn is a compact yet powerful portable USB Type-C DAC/Amp designed with a fully balanced audio circuit consisting of dual CS DAC chips, and a 4.4mm truly-balanced headphone output. The device showcases the outstanding craftsmanship of Moondrop with its all-aluminum build that protects the signal from any kind of interference. With the Moondrop DAWN, a true high-resolution experience awaits its users!! It is launched officially for 69.99$, you can check out more details here.



  • Dual DAC architecture.
  • Fully-Balanced Architecture.
  • 4.4mm Fully-Balanced Output.
  • Dual-Independent Crystal Oscillators.
  • Compact, Smart, Versatile.
  • Super-Clean Background.
  • Ideal for Music, Gaming, and Movies.
  • Immersive Sound Experience.
  • Works perfectly fine with PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.
  • Aluminum-Alloy Shell.
  • Moondrop Link Compatible.


Technical Specifications

  • DAC Chips: Dual CS43131.
  • DNR: 132dB.
  • THD+N: 0.00017%.
  • Decoding: PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz, Native DSD256.
  • Output Power: 230mW@32Ω, 54mW@300Ω.
  • Line-Out: 4Vrms(High-Gain), 2Vrms(Low).
  • Interface: USB Type-C.


Impressive Performance With Dual Cirrus Logics DACs

Moondrop DAWN features premium audio circuitry with a fully balanced design. It houses dual CS43131 DAC chips, one for each channel. The CS43131 is a premium 32-bit Stereo DAC chip that provides excellent performance with high SNR and ultra-low THD+N values. This Dual DAC arrangement provides excellent high-resolution audio signal decoding with a four-channel chipset(two on each chipset).


4.4mm Balanced Headphone Output

Moondrop DAWN adopts a fully-balanced 4.4mm headphone output. Supported by a high-power amplification chipset, the Moondrop DAWN provides powerful amplification to the signal. It provides up to 230mW @ 32Ω of load. Line-out power is rated at 4Vrms at the high-gain level. DAWN is a mighty capable device that can power most IEMs in the market with ease.


Ultra-Low Signal Transmission Jitter With Dual Independent Crystal Oscillators

Moondrop DAWN features dual independent crystal oscillators for low signal jitter during the signal transmission process. It allows the DAWN to produce a clean and precise sound performance with low jitter and interference.


Best-In-Class Performance

With its fully-balanced audio circuit, dual Crystal oscillators, and fully balanced headphone output, the Moondrop DAWN provides best-in-class performance. Don’t get fooled by the compact and small footprint of the DAWN, the device packs a powerful performance with high-resolution audio signal decoding.


High-Resolution Audio Signal Decoding In Your Pocket

Moondrop DAWN provides you with high-resolution PCM and DSD digital signal decoding. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256 signal decoding.


Standard USB Type-C Interface

Featuring a standard USB Type-C connector, the Moondrop DAWN is compatible with most Android smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Laptops. It also supports Apple iOS devices with an additional Type-C to Lightning connector.


Price & Availability

Moondrop DAWN is officially released with an attractive price tag of 69.99$. It is available to order with us, you can check out more details here.


Moondrop DAWN

Moondrop DAWN
Moondrop DAWN