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(News) Four Upgrades With Latest See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition!!

See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition

See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition


See Audio has released a brand new Anniversary Limited edition for its famous Bravery multi-BA IEMs, presenting you the all-new See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition. Available in an all-new Ruby Red color combination, See Audio Bravery gets all-new looks with smaller shells than the original model. While See Audio has kept the driver configuration and sound tuning the same as the original Bravery, the latest Anniversary Limited Edition Bravery gets many new updates like the readjusted shell size, better comfort, new modular plug cable, etc. The See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition is limited to only 500 units worldwide with each unit getting its own unique number engraved onto the shell. Let’s find out what’s new with the See Audio Bravery Anniversary edition.



  • Beautifully crafted Ruby Red ear shells.
  • Smaller Shells, Better Fit.
  • Specially designed four balanced armature driver configuration.
  • Premium range of Knowles and Sonion BA drivers.
  • Clean, accurate, and smooth sound reproduction.
  • Electronic frequency crossover for smooth distortion-free performance.
  • Specially customized 6N OCC Hakugei cable With Modular Plugs.
  • Includes Custom Artwork Mousepad.
  • Premium Azla Xelastec Sednafit ear tips.


Technical Specs

  • Impedance: 18Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 110dB.
  • Distortion: ≤1%.
  • FR Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin.


All-New Color Scheme

The OG Bravery featured a minimalistic marble-like design approach with simple black and white cavities. The latest Limited Anniversary edition Bravery comes in a stunning Ruby Red color, it’s bright, it’s beautiful, and it’s bold. See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition looks like an entirely new earphone with a stunning design.


New Modular Termination Plug Cable

See Audio featured Hakugei’s premium cable with the Original Bravery. With the latest Limited Edition Bravery, See Audio in collaboration with Hakugei upgrades the premium cable with a modular plug system. Each package will have three plugs(3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm). Users can use any termination that they prefer with any given source.


Smaller Shell Size With Unique Unit Number On Each Unit

Based on the user feedback, See Audio has readjusted the size and shape of the ear shells for the Limited Edition Bravery. The pair now has a smaller size that provides better comfort while enjoying our favorite music. Since only 500 units are made worldwide, each unit gets its own unique unit number printed on the cavities.


A New Artwork With Designer Mousepad

See Audio Bravery Anniversary edition includes a bunch of added accessories. Already the original Bravery came packed with premium Azla Sedna earfit Xelastec ear tips(which are also included in the latest Anniversary edition). The package of the latest Bravery Anniversary edition also includes a beautifully designed artistic mousepad.


Your Loving Bravery Just Got New Looks, Sounds As You Liked It Before

See Audio Bravery was a community project for See Audio. They listened to the community, took their feedback, and then launched the highly successful Bravery. See Audio has kept the tuning, and driver configuration the same as the original Bravery. The pair presents a very smooth and beautiful sound with its 4 BA driver arrangement per side. See Audio has featured high-quality Knowles and Sonion BA drivers for unmatched performance.


Price & Availability

See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition is launched officially for 299$, just 20$ over the OG bravery. You can check out more details here.


See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition

See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition
See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition