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(News) Moondrop MoonRiver 2, Moondrop's CS43198-based DAC/amplifier, released!

Moondrop MoonRiver 2

Moondrop MoonRiver 2


Moondrop is known as a very popular Chinese IEM brand. However, their lineup is not limited to in-ear monitors. Moondrop has now released overseas the Moondrop MoonRiver 2, a portable headphone amplifier with an innovative design and built-in dongle-type DAC.




  • Flagship-grade Dual DAC Chipset(2xCS43198).
  • Four-channel fully balanced architecture.
  • Powerful headphone output.
  • Dual Headphone ports(3.5mm SE+4.4mm Bal).
  • Ultimate Hi-Res Decoding support.
  • Replaceable Type-C Cable Interface.
  • CNC machined Aluminum alloy chassis.
  • Included silver-plated Type-C to Type-C cable included in the package.


Technical Specifications

  • DAC: Dual CS43198.
  • Headphone Ports: 3.5mm Single-ended and 4.4mm Balanced.
  • Frequency Response Range: 6Hz-85kHz(±1dB).
  • Background Noise(4.4mm): 1.5uV(AES17 20K Hz).
  • Background Noise(3.5mm): 1.2uV(AES17 20K Hz).
  • THD+N(3.5mm): 2Vrms(0.0008%@32Ω).
  • THD+N(4.4mm): 4Vrms(0.00013%@300Ω).
  • SNR(3.5mm): 123dB(A-weighted).
  • SNR(4.4mm): 131dB(A-weighted).
  • Line-Out(3.5mm): 2Vrms(High-gain), 1.4Vrms(Low-gain).
  • Line-Out(4.4mm): 4Vrms(High), 2.8Vrms(Low).



Seamless signal processing

In high-resolution lossless audio formats, MoonRiver 2 is highly compatible and will have no problem playing back audio files.

It can handle CD lossless 16Bit/44.1kHz encoding, 24Bit/192kHz encoding at the high quality mastering level, and 32Bit/384kHz encoding where few files are found.



Premium high-end decoding chip

The Moondrop MoonRiver 2 is equipped with two CS43198 DAC chips, the flagship and rarest of rare DAC chips from Cirrus Logic, a world-class audio integrated circuit manufacturer. The digital-to-analog conversion performance promises to exceed many people's expectations, delivering ultra-low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio for unprecedented performance in the portable audio experience.


Premium build with high-precision CNC machining process

Moondrop MoonRiver 2 is molded with a high-precision CNC machining process using a lightweight aluminum alloy. Its unique and beautiful appearance is texturally pleasing, sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable to carry.



More than enough powerful drive power

The four-channel circuitry is achieved by incorporating two high-performance dual operational amplifier chips, providing up to 4Vrms of balanced output. the MOONRIVER2 not only makes it easy to power high-quality in-ear monitors, but also provides a studio-class impedance up to 300 ohms The 4.4 balanced outputs have a high-gain mode to powerfully drive even the biggest-eating headphones.



Ultimate performance in a portable device!

  • 131dB dynamic range
  • Ultra-low THD of 0.0001x%.
  • S/N ratio of over 116dB

These specs alone show that the MoonRiver 2 delivers the highest specifications available in a portable device, and is as good as any desktop-class product.



Highly rated by reviews

L7Audiolab's review of the MoonRiver 2 is available, and while there are minor differences from Moondrop's official measurements, Moondrop's claimed specification level is confirmed in the verification measurements. However, single-ended performance is confirmed to be lower as per the official specs, so it is recommended to use the device as a balanced connection device if possible.



Pricing & Availability

The Moondrop MoonRiver 2's global version can be ordered for $189.99 from HiFiGO and other.


Moondrop MoonRiver 2

Moondrop MoonRiver 2