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(News) QoA Margarita: 2 Sonions EST + 1BA + 7mm DD IEMs

QoA Margarita

QoA Margarita


QOA has released its flagship IEM, QOA Margarita.



  • 2 Sonion Electrostatic + 1 BA+ 1 Dynamic Driver 
  • Triple acoustic ducts & three-way frequency division
  • Sonion compound EST driver
  • 7mm titanium coated dynamic driver
  • QOA custom QA11021 BA
  • Exquisite design 3d Printed ergonomic chamber
  • cable-interchangeable IEM shell
  • interchangeable size cable plugs
  • customized leather IEM storage box 



  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Impedance: 61Ω
  • Driver Combination: 2 Electrostatic + 1 BA + 1DD
  • Frequency Range: 5Hz - 50kHz
  • Detachable Plugs Interface: 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm
  • Cable Length: 1.2m




Margarita is known as "Queen of cocktails", it was the champion drink in the 1949 allAmerican Cocktail Contest, there was also poignant love story that give birth to this cocktail. In 1926, Jan Telussa went hunting with his girlfriend, however sadly she was killed by a stray bullet. In memory of his deeply beloved one, Jan created a drinkusing her Mexican girlfiend's national liquor — Tequila, adding splashes of lime juice to represent his bitter heart, and adding a rim of salt on the cocktail glass to represent his mournful tears. This cocktail is named after his girlfriend Margarita to memorize this loving relationship.

Margarita is a yellowish drink, vigorous & bitter smelling with a strong character. Yellow liquor flowing through the rimmed salt smoothing between your teeth, a burst of fire explodes then immediately smoothened by tenderness of the salt, finally leaving a hint of lime bitterness on the tongue. Just like Jan Telussa's love to Margarita, enthusiastic but leaving with sadness. 



2 Color Design

QoA has adopted 2 strikingly unique designs for Margarita: "Margarita's Phantom" & "Fragment of Memories" with different colour variations. In order to provide more comfortable fitting on their IEM shell, QOA has adopted ergonomics and computerized calculations in the design process & demo shells. After tenths of nozzles length & IEM chamber measurement changes, we have finalised this precision 3D printed IEM shell that could fit our requirements to provide most comfort and acoustic superiority performance.



"Margarita's Phantom"comes in a warm yellow main tone. Yellow relates to our warm sunlight which brings joy & hope. It signifies us to treasure our present & to love our life. We have decorated the faceplate with yellow optical particles, the salt-like glowing glints hints us as the tears we shed in old times. QOA's designer outlines subtle line to blend all these into the design. 

Margarita's love story is a profound & bittersweet one. This love could only be buried deeply in the heart. Our designer uses a deep dark paint on the remaining IEM shell to symbolize a girl's contour, and to represent the mystic night & the couple's intense love but the sadness being left behind. 


The past may already be a blurred picture, yet there would always be such a particular moment in our life that the past fragments come into our mind so clearly, so clear that it's just like a paused frame in the movie, reminding us how delighted or sorrowful we were at that treasured moment.


"Fragment of Memories" faceplate combines a metal honeycomb with an outer metal frame. Firstly the honeycomb is affixed onto the IEM faceplate, then injected with anti-corrosive material, finally pressed into shape with specialized machine. The whole faceplate is then installed securely over the chamber to protect the coating. Visually the IEM shell looks meticulously crafted in one piece, but when rotated, it would look so multi layered owing to the optical effect granted by the honeycombed craftsmanship. When looking into yourself through the webbed faceplate, it's like peering into our buried past self. 


The Sound

7mm Titanium coated dynamic driver provides powerful & deep diving bass, our QOA custom QA11021 BA is a mellow-toned one with wide bandwidth, working as a seamless connection between the bass & treble. The Simon EST65DA01 compound driver comes with superior treble extension, making the listening experience even more ethereal and open. 



Margarita miraculously blends the striking Tequila taste, bitter lime & salted cocktail glass together to fulfill taste. QOA sound engineer picks 1 dynamic driver + 1 BA & 2 EST drivers for the combination, utilizing DD bass capability & EST silk like trebles, and adding the BA for connection between these 2 frequency range, thus blending the overall frequency distribution, resulting in a seducing listening experience. 


The Premium Cable

Margarita IEM cable is a 4 pin interchangeable one, which comes with 2 5mm & 4 4mm balanced plugs and a 3 5mm one, suitable for all Hifi grade audio players. The 8-wire high purity silver plated copper core cable provides great musical atmosphere and accurate & full timbre. They are using black & transparent gray PVC coating to finish with an elegant outlook 



Pricing & Availability

QoA Margarita is available at HiFiGO and others for $549.


QoA Margarita

QoA Margarita

QoA Margarita