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7HZ Timeless AE: New 14.2mm Planar HiFi In-ear Earphone

7HZ Timeless AE

7HZ Timeless AE


The latest plane-driven IEM, the 7HZ Timeless AE, has been released.



  • Adopts Double-sided Array N52 Magnet and Ultra-thin Diaphragm
  • Stunning Blue Color Theme
  • CNC Aluminum Shell
  • 3-in-1 Upgrade Cable with Standard 0.78mm 2-pin Interface
  • Lightweight and Comfortable



  • Driver: 14.2mm planar driver
  • Impedance: 14.8ohm
  • Sound pressure level: 104dB/1Khz
  • Frequency response range: 5-40000hz
  • THD: <0.2%/1KHZ
  • Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin
  • Nozzle diameter: 5mm


14.2mm Planar Driver

7HZ has kept the driver configuration for this edition of Timeless AE to be the same as the OG model, with a few changes in the bass. 7HZ Timeless AE is truly living up to its name with its ultra-thin diaphragm and lightweight body. Everything feels nothing but everything. Time is within reach here. Selected 14.2mm planar driver and unique structure provide fast response, excellent dynamic range and frequency characteristics.


7HZ Timeless AE


Stunning Blue Color Theme, Exquisite Craftsmanship

Instead of a Black theme on the earpieces, the shells now have a stunning Blue color theme that looks bright and full of life. Each earphone shell is made of a whole piece of aviation-grade aluminum CNC, with the highest strength level of hard oxidation treatment. It is durable and wear-resistant. The evenly placed sound track faceplate is like an infinity pool-timeless sound from here.


7HZ Timeless AE


Upgraded Cable

7HZ Timeless AE has got an upgrade in the cable department too. It now has interchangeable termination plugs. It allows the users to change the termination plugs as they require. The package includes 3.5mm SE, 4.4mm Bal, and 2.5mm Bal termination plugs. The cable has a standard 0.78mm 2-pin interface. The inner core adopts single crystal copper and silver-plated single crystal copper while the outer layer adopts silver foil. The detachable feature also ensures future upgradeability and you are free to DIY your earphone.


Lightweight and Comfortable

The earbud weighs only 5 grams each. You feel nothing heavy on your ear even after long time wearing. Ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort all the time. This pair of earphone could be an ideal choice for work and home.


7HZ Timeless AE


Array of N52 Magnet, Powerful and Dynamic

Timeless adopts double-sided array N52 magnet and ultra-thin diaphragm to achieve higher sound fidelity, bring natural loose and balanced sound to ensure transparent sound quality.


Price & Availability

The 7HZ Timeless AE is now available at Linsoul and others for $239.


7HZ Timeless AE

7HZ Timeless AE

7HZ Timeless AE