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Introducing The All-New Temperament DB1 and DB1E Flat-Head Earbuds With Titanium Alloy Acoustic Cavities

Temperament DB1

Temperament DB1


K’s Earphones has introduced a brand new series of premium flat-head earbuds, presenting the all-new Temperament DB1 and DB1E. The series has been designed using a high-quality Titanium Alloy acoustic cavity structure and features a premium modular cable design. DB1 is the higher-end model of the series that adopts a low-impedance(30Ω) and high-sensitivity architecture while the DB1E is the more pocket-friendly version that adopts a high-sensitivity and medium-impedance range(80Ω). DB1 has got a titanium alloy front casing on the cavity while the DB1E adopts an Aluminum cover on the front cavity. On the rear side, both pairs adopt Titanium alloy material covers. Both the pairs are professionally tuned for a rich and soothing sound signature that brings life to most genres out there!!


Temperament DB1 and DB1E flathead earphones are launched for 319$ and 199$ respectively. You can check out more information here.


Temperament DB1 series of earbuds feature a professionally designed Titanium Alloy acoustic cavity structure. They are different from other flat-head earbuds, providing better control over the sound reflections inside the cavity allowing the pair to achieve a thunderous lower-end response. The bass punch with the DB1 Series is said to be exceptional and powerful. This is a patented design for Temperament and is only featured in the DB1 series of premium earbuds!!


DB1 Series features a large 15.4mm dynamic driver unit. This driver adopts a diamond-cut suspended diaphragm coil and a powerful internal magnetic circuit. The pair achieves a crisp high-end sound performance with a powerful lower end, transparent midrange, and smooth, detailed treble region. Pretty sure it’s gonna complement different genres of music well with its impressive sound tuning. K’s earphones(Parent brand) has got over 10 years of experience in designing HiFi earbuds!!


Temperament DB1 and DB1E feature finely crafted ear shells. The entire cavity structure including the cavity itself, outer shell, etc is made using a high-quality five-axis CNC machining process. The pair looks extravagant and has got an ergonomic shape for a comfortable listening experience. Temperament DB1 series has a modular cable design. The cable comes in two parts, the main part consisting of a two-pin connector and the sub-cable part with termination plugs. The package for both DB1 and DB1E includes 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the package.


Temperament DB1 series is available with us. If you are looking for a pair of flathead earbuds for your day-to-day usage, the DB1 series delivers an exceptional performance with its premium products. Know more here.


Temperament DB1

Temperament DB1

Temperament DB1 & DB1E