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BGVP Launches "Scale": Latest Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

BGVP Scale

BGVP Scale


In the HiFi Audio Industry, BGVP is a well-established name. They have a huge range of budget and premium in-ear monitors that are widely appreciated for their impressive sound performance. Today, BGVP has released a brand-new dual-driver in-ear monitor, the BGVP Scale. BGVP has designed the Scale with dual dynamic drivers per side enclosed in ergonomic-shaped exquisitely-designed Resin ear shells. With their professional tuning adjustments, BGVP has tuned the pair for a surround sound experience with ultimate clarity and details. It’s an ideal choice for music lovers and gamers!!


BGVP Scale is launched in three different color options, Black, White, and Black+White shells. It starts at 19.99$ for the without-mic variant.


BGVP has equipped the Scale with dual dynamic drivers on each side. The pair has a 10mm DU coated dynamic driver unit paired with a 6mm micro dynamic driver. BGVP has adjusted the tuning here using both Electronic as well as Physical Crossovers. The 10mm large dynamic driver is tuned here for a punchy Lower-end with accurate midrange, while the 6mm dynamic driver produces crisp details in the high and ultra-high frequencies. BGVP with years of industry experience has tuned the latest Scale for unmatched sound performance!!


With professional tuning adjustments, BGVP has tuned the Scale for a detailed and crisp sound performance. In their own terms, the pair delivers a 6D surround sound experience that complements different genres of music and gamers as well. The pair has a dual-sound cavity design that provides clean performance with ultra-low harmonic distortion in the output signal. BGVP has treated the Scale with exquisitely finished Resin ear cavities. The pair gets a stunning look with its Dragon Scale designer face covers.


BGVP Scale includes a high-purity OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) cable as stock. It ensures the pair delivers a crisp high-resolution audio performance!! For just 20$, BGVP Scale exceeds the expectations with its immaculate sound experience. Check out more information about BGVP Scale over here.


BGVP Scale


BGVP Scale