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CCA HM20: 16 Driver Units Flagship Hybrid IEMs In-Ear Earphone




CCA's new flagship IEM CCA HM20 is now available.



  • CCA Flagship 16 Driver units Hybrid IEM with "XUN-7" Dynamic 
  • Start the new hearing experience era & redefine of wide soundstage 
  • 3rd generation innovative  "XUN-7" dynamic driver
  • 50024s multiple BA combination *3 30019s BA *1
  • 3D Printed Sound Duct Structure 
  • High-end military grade zinc alloy faceplate 
  • Professional acoustics
  • Ergonomic design for sound siganarture tuing comfortable better wearing 



  • Impedance: 22Ω
  • Sensitivity: 105±3dB
  • Frequency: 20-40000Hz
  • Pin Type: 2pin 0.75mm


Precision structure for extraordinary performance: Powerful configuration with 16 units hybrid driver 

Using 50024sX3 & 30019sX1 ,and with independently R&D high-performance innovation "XUN-7"dynamic driver, to achieve the clear BASS & rich details for treble. 




Multiple BA combination rectangle design

Multiple Hybrid Driver for better tuing signature Equiped with 7 BA drivers each side, along with an innovative "XUN-7" dynamic driver for handling the bass section, 3 pcs 50024s BA combination work for the Mid-range frequcncy, and the 30019s BA for handling the treble & upper treble section. All drivers work together flawlessly to a hieve perfer clear & powerful bass, natural vocals, and smooth treble extension. 


The 3rd generation "XUN" driver, a high-performance innovative "XUN-7" dynamic: Clean & smooth timbre Unprecedented & shocking soundstage 

  • The innovative "XUN-7" dynamic driver use more stronger magnetic high performance diaphragm, so as the magnetic flux conversion of XUN-7 pure innovation technology is better than that of traditional size dynamic driver.
  • Compare to the trational standard dynamic magnet gap around 0.32mm, the "XUN-7" dynamic driver be used to HM20 whose magnet gap is only 0.15mm, which brings great effect to improve the distortion.
  • Continuing the advantages of XUN series driver, XUN-7 still use the dual magnet and dual cavity design, which brings you the shocking soundstage.
  • The 5-micron diaphragm thickness makes the sound details to be more perfect. 


3D Printed Sound Duct Structure 

CCA HM20 inside earpiece shells are design in a 3D printed sound duct structure design, which use the 4th generation DLP high precision device to ensure the better precision.The physical band-pass and low-pass filtering of the sound duct structure relying on 3D printing to form a hybrid three-frequency structure, which is divided by the RC power frequency division. The physical band-pass filtering which handles the lower and mid frequencies, while low-pass filtering limits the Q value of mid-high frequencies. Inside the earpieces shells are designed into a 3D printed sound duct structure, which makes the coil movement smooth and ensurethere is no distortion in the sound output. 




High-end military grade zinc alloy faceplate: Unique Design into Mosaic Crafts 

HM20 is made of high-precision metal die-casting process. It is well polished from the metal shell, and has undergone as many as 27 complex processes such as polishing, sandblasting and electroplating. Finally, it presents a dazzling appearance, comparable to luxury jewelry, and its hardness is comparable to military industry, strong and durable. 


A tribute to classical tuning with innovation: CCA professional acoustics team tune it meticulously Stereo surround HiFi Audio 

HM20 sounds signature feature as the wide soundstage and rich of details, with the powerful bass but clear enough,natural vocals, and smooth treble extension for more sound details. 


Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear 

Wearing around the ear is close to the ear socket, not easy to fall off Provide 3 pairs different size eartips for demands from different individuals. 




Better performance with better cable: Pure si ver-plated cable Lower distortion 

The silver-plated layer enhances the resolution and reduces the loss during signal transmission. The new cable design effectively resist tangling and knotting.


Price & Availability

CCA HM20 is now available at HiFiGO and others for $71.