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(News) HarmonicDyne G200: High Performance Planar Driver Headphones

HarmonicDyne G200

HarmonicDyne G200


The HarmonicDyne G200 planar-drive headphones have been released.



  • Custom 102mm Nanocomposite Planar Diaphragm Headphones
  • High Quality Lambskin & Flannel Earpads
  • Hand Crafted With Care
  • Ergonomic Design



  • Drivers: Φ102mm Planar Transducer
  • Input Impedance: 64Ω
  • Frequency Response: 10-45,000Hz
  • SPL: 100±3dB
  • THD: ≤ 0.2%(@1000Hz/254mW)
  • Cables: XLR/4 balance, L=2M , 6N Litz wire
  • Ear-cup: Aluminum Alloy
  • Headband: Carbon Fiber
  • Earcups: Suede fabric / Lambskin
  • Dimensions: 230mm*175mm*112mm
  • Weight: 480g(No accessories included)
    • Headphone
    • XLR Balanced Cable
    • XLR-6.35 Adaptor
    • XLR-4.4 Adaptor
    • 4.4-3.5 Adaptor
    • Earcups
    • Storage bag
    • User manual
    • Storage box




HarmonicDyne’s goal is to deliver better sounding audio to the everyday music lover. HarmonicDyne has made its global success through several campaigns, including the Helios, Zeus, and Poseidon headphones. Each of these launches achieved the combination of amazing acoustic performance, bespoke craftsmanship, and budget-friendly affordability. HarmonicDyne will continue the tradition of designing and carefully manufacturing the best headphones that are accessible to every audience.




The planar magnetic driver is considered among the best driver types in headphones due to its clarity and ability to achieve extreme levels of audio resolution. The G200 utilizes a custom 102mm nanocomposite planar diaphragm specifically designed for enhanced responsiveness. The driver assembly utilizes an isokinetic magnetic field, featuring a high-density S+1 coil and double-sided high=pass magnetic tapes that causes the diaphragm to vibrate with excellent uniformity and reduces the total harmonic distortion from split vibrations.



Combined with a precision internal damping strategy, the tuning has been refined to maximize the extensions at the lowest sub-bass frequencies, as well as the finest ultra-treble frequencies. In both listening pleasure as well as technical performance, the G200 shines the true capabilities of the planar magnetic driver.




The G200 headband is constructed from full multi-layer carbon fiber, which makes the structure extremely light as well as durable - ensuring both the daily comfort and longevity of the headphone. The cavity and brackets are made from heat-hardened aluminum that is tested to remain structurally true over time. The G200 has been paired with a custom-made single crystal copper and single crystal copper silver-plated mixed Litz cable to maximize signal transmission and add acoustic character.




The cable is standard with XLR connectors to match most high-performance amplifiers, and comes with adaptors for 4.4mm and 6.35mm connectors. As a final touch of craftsmanship, the G200 comes with both high-quality lambskin earpads and special custom third-generation flannel earpads. In both comfort and sound, these earpads have been crafted to enhance the G200’s performance.  


HarmonicDyne G200

HarmonicDyne G200
HarmonicDyne G200

HarmonicDyne G200


HarmonicDyne G200

Pricing & Availability

The HarmonicDyne G200 is now available at Linsoul and other retailers. The price is $699.


HarmonicDyne G200

HarmonicDyne G200

HarmonicDyne G200