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(News) Seek Real Fusion: 1DD+6BA HiFi Hybrid Driver In Ear Earphones

Seek Real Fusion

Seek Real Fusion


Seek Real Fusion is now available at Linsoul.



  • Ergonomic Shape, Ultra Comfort
  • Easy to Drive, Low Distortion
  • Detachable Supreme OCC Cable
  • About Seek Real



  • Impedance: 22ohm
  • Sensitivity: 118db
  • Frequency response: 18Hz-32kHz
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Cable Material: Silver-plated OCC
  • Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin
  • THD: 0.4%@1KHz



1DD+6BA Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor

The SeekReal Audio Fusion is a 1DD+6BA Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor. Featuring a dynamic driver, four Sonion balanced armatures and two Knowles balanced armatures, it provides clear lows and mid-range frequencies with deep bass that are perfect for vocalists. Designed to deliver the most natural sound possible, the Seek Real Audio Fusion delivers on both form and function.



Ergonomic Shape, Ultra Comfort

The construction of Fusion is based on the latest ergonomic development. The pressure is evenly distributed across the ear to provide maximum comfort during long music sessions. The new design makes it easy for you to wear them all day.



Easy to Drive, Low Distortion

With a wide range frequency response and wide dynamic range, Seek Real Fusion is easy to drive and produces very little distortion with most mobile devices. 22ohm low impedance, 118db high sensitivity design also makes it easy to drive. In addition, the ultra-comfortable design of lightweight and breathable ear tips ensures that you are comfortable as well.



Detachable Supreme OCC Cable

SeekReal Audio Fusion, with a 1.2m cable created from silver-plated OFC copper and a 2Pin connector that guarantees superior connectivity, is the ideal choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who are looking for a high quality sound experience. The earphones feature a durable design that is resistant to everyday wear, making it perfect for all your adventures.


About SeekReal

The goal of professional audio products is to achieve an authentic and accurate sound. At SeekReal Audio, we aim to capture this essence and deliver the true intentions of the music with each earphone and headphone we release. Focusing on bespoke characteristics over mass production, our team takes care of the R&D of each project, focusing our efforts on perfecting each sound signature.



Pricing & Availability

Seek Real Fusion is available at Linsoul and other sellers. The price is $359.


Seek Real Fusion

Seek Real Fusion

Seek Real Fusion