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(News) iBasso AMP12 Fully Balanced 4.4mm Audio Motherboard For DX300 Announced

iBasso AMP12

iBasso AMP12


Last weekend at the Guangzhou Headphone Expo iBasso, unveiled its latest amplifier module for the DX300 flagship Android digital audio player, the AMP12. AMP12 brings a fully discrete balanced circuitry to the DX300 with its dedicated 4.4mm headphone and 4.4mm line-out ports. It offers an ultra-powerful output with a maximum output voltage of up to 8.3V and low distortion ratings of -113dB. AMP12 has every characteristic of a powerful Class A amplifier offering high-fidelity output with ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range. For existing DX300 owners, they can grab the AMP12 for just 229.99$. Similar to the DX300, the AMP12 module is available in two different color options, Blue and Black so that users can choose one matching with their DX300. If you are looking to buy the DX300 too, then you can get it in a bundle with the DX300+Stock AMP11 module+AMP12 module for 1399.99$, check out more details here.


iBasso AMP12



  • Complete Balanced Circuitry.
  • Balanced 4.4mm TRRRS headphone power out.
  • Dedicated 4.4mm TRRRS line-out.
  • True Pentaconn Socket.
  • Quiet Sound With Clean background & Wide Soundstage Presentation.
  • Inependent battery power supply.
  • A Torx and a Black Case for the DX300 (leather).


Output Specifications(Headphone Output)

  • Output interface: 4.4mm Balanced.
  • Maximum output level: 8.3Vrms.
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-45kHz(+/-0.9dB).
  • THD+N: -113dB(No Load), -112dB(300 ohm load), -107dB(32 ohm load).
  • Dynamic range: 126dB.
  • Signal to noise ratio: 126dB.
  • Crosstalk: -115dB.


Output Specifications(Line-Out)

  • Maximum output level: 4.1Vrms.
  • THD+N: -116dB(No load).
  • Dynamic range: 128dB.
  • Signal to noise ratio: 128dB.
  • Cross talk: -102dB.


iBasso AMP12


Power Up Your Headsets With Super-Clean Output Signal

The 4.4mm balanced headphone output port on the AMP12 can provide a maximum output voltage of up to 8.3Vrms. It is more than enough to power demanding headsets without any trouble. On top of that, DX300 features three gain levels, High, Mid, Low, that will allow the pairing of high-sensitivity headsets with precise volume adjustment. Even at such high output levels, AMP12 manages to keep the ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range ensuring the output signal is clean and distortion-free.


Noise-Free, Quiet Background, Rich Sound Output

With its ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings, the AMP12 provides a quiet, noise-free background in the output. Pitch-dark noise-free sound output brings out beautiful details in our music with a 3D wide soundstage presentation.


Premium Audio Circuitry With Independent Power Supply

DX300 has a larger amplification card area than the DX200 series. This open design spacious area allows iBasso to implement complex circuits with supplementary capacitors. AMP12 adopts a special input circuit topology to convert the signal to symmetrical form readying it for the amplifier circuit. The output amplifier circuit has output channels connected in parallel to drive the load effortlessly, it is quite equivalent to a super Class A amplifier circuit offering a super-powerful, super-clean sound output. DX300 provides stable independent battery power to the AMP12 allowing it to provide a peak performance every time you use it.


Dedicated Balanced Line-Out

AMP12 features a 4.4mm balanced line-out port. It adopts a fully balanced architecture starting from the source signal to the signal output end. AMP12 truly achieves a high-quality dedicated line-out function providing a high-quality balanced signal to other external amplifiers in your audio chain.


iBasso AMP12


Leather Case For DX300 And Torx Case For AMP Modules

AMP12 comes with a leather carry case for the DX300. It also has a plastic Torx carry case to keep the amplifier modules safe and sound.


iBasso AMP12



iBasso has made the AMP12 available independently for current owners of DX300 music players for just 229.99$. It is available in both Black and Blue color options matching the DX300 color scheme.


iBasso AMP12

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